My First (finished) Visual Novel

NaNoRenO is a well-known event for visual novel developers on the lemmasoft forum. March 2015, I completed my first game and put it up on the forum for people to play and comment on.

It’s called: Claudia


Based loosely on the fairytale “The Little Brother and Sister” by the Grimm brothers, Claudia tells the story of a broken girl, a fawn boy, an emo Red Riding Hood and an average prince.

Summary: Nak encounters a mysterious girl called ‘Vivace’ who claims to be a fairy. This encounter leads to many unexpected events….When Nak finally gets adopted, his new ‘mother’ is not the kind of person he expects her to be. Through the harsh days living in a secluded mansion behind iron fence, the only thing that keeps him alive is a girl called Claudia.

See it all here:

The finished game:

Have Fun!

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