Root Beer Float – Roller Coaster – Chicken Salad

I went to Lagoon yesterday, and it was really fun!

But this was the first thing I saw:

Hmm, not exactly the best way to start the day, but hey.

(Long post awaits…)

At the parking lot, everyone was spending their good time getting sunscreen on. I have never once in my life seen a sunscreen spray. It was really awesome seeing one. My skin doesn’t get sunburned and I’m wearing long sleeves, so I didn’t put any on. I was fine and dandy for the whole day.

We were waiting for the others at the jam-packed entrance. I tried to sell my fundraising chocolate and earned some customers. Then I saw what made my day here:

A guy wearing a scouting legion shirt! He went in shortly after I saw him, so I didn’t take any pictures. Too bad.

So I started out the day riding the old roller coaster, which at the time I went, was brown instead of white. It looked pretty harmless compared to Cannibal or Wicked. I could stomach it, right? Well, no.

We got in line, got into the seats, and headed off into the wilderness.

First thing, we had a drop which made my stomach scream NOOOOO!! And then, we were tossed around a bit, had a few more drops and the track shook like crazy. My head was literally bouncing up and down because of how shaky the track was. By the time I got up, I can’t even feel my legs any more. I felt a little dizzy, but it wasn’t too bad.

Next stop: Carousel

Yes. Caring is for losers, quoting my host sister.

Me, Svenja (my exchange student friend from Germany), and Maitea (my host sister) decided that we will join the little kids and ride the only 160 remaining wood carousel still in operation. We used our teenager power to cut in front of all the little kids, but they got the only good looking animal in the carousel that we want, so we had to settle on a Canadian and Irish-looking horse. Honestly I don’t even know what that means. That’s what my sister said. Those horses looked a little wild, but they’re horses, all right.

And then it started spinning. It went a little faster than I thought it would. Still, it was a pretty lame ride after having just finished the roller coaster. Other than that, I enjoyed all the time we spent chatting about how lame the ride was. Oh, and there as this one kid screaming his lungs out of top of a Nordic looking dragon. Parents, clearly your kid does not want to ride on a funky green dragon. Stop taking pictures already.

Embarrassed that we were the only teenagers? A whole lot of exchange students went up there too. There’s no such thing as embarrassment in an amusement park.

I ate a cheeseburger for lunch. Someone bought a choco-banana and I was eyeing him with jealousy cause I love that stuff but I didn’t want to eat any sweets, or else I’d get sick.

But right after I ate something, we went on another ride. One group, which consisted of my IEC, her son, my exchange student friend from the Netherlands and his dad, all went on Wicked. I know my limits, so I went on a nearby ride called Wild Mouse. Apparently, it was made in Munich, Germany in 1998. It was made in Germany, so it has to be good, right? Yeah, I totally agree with Svenja.

The first part of the ride was high up, and it felt like the cart was going to throw us off the rail. My shoulder kept banging into the cart on the sharp turns. Either that or Svenja’s shoulders. I said sorry a lot. Sorry!

And then there was this drop, and then we went round and round and into the mouse house and back up, then the ride was finished. The only bad part about it was the brake after the drop, which made the holder slammed full force into my stomach. Ow. Germany, why you do dis to me? Haha, kidding. I hold no grudge. I went in line for the second time and the sharp turns didn’t butcher me anymore. Hell, I even liked it.

And then we regrouped and walked to other ride. There was this super awesome and amazing ride called “Musik Express” (another German word, pointed Svenja) which me and Svenja went up two times in a row. It’s basically this thing which made too much use of the centrifugal force and crushed anyone on the outer end of the seat. Svenja crushed into me as the ride swung round and round, up and down. I was squeezed between her and the seat. I enjoyed the up and down of the ride, but not the crushing thing. Oh, wait till you get on it with 3 people. I did that. Didn’t turn out too well when you’re too concentrated on not crushing the person on the rim than the joy of the ride itself.

After lining up in the sun for too long, I decided I need a break.The others decided they want to go on the old roller coaster one more time, which I’ll pass or I’d throw up for real. On the way to the second round of Wild Mouse, I saw a shop called I Scream, U scream. And it had root beer float. I need to get it no matter what!

They went their own way, my host mom went to buy lunch, and I circled around Wild Mouse, trying to remember where the shop was. After walking for a while, I located it, with no line. I went up to the vendor, gave him money (Shut up and take my money) and got my float with a scoop and a half of vanilla ice scream. I took a sip. It was beyond words. The sweet, gentle flavour of the ice cream and the fizziness and sharp touch of the root beer was a perfect combination.

This is a picture of when I finished half my root beer but not the ice cream.

I went back to roller coaster where the others were lining up. (See picture above) The others finished their ride, came down, and went to get ice cream. At the waiting area were me, my host mom, my IEC, and my Dutch friend’s host dads. We were talking about how it’s my first root beer ever and how Sri Racha sauce was stolen by the Americans. (That was what my non-credible teacher told me) I told them about the dream I had last night where I shot my teacher with a rifle. Then we were talking about how pedestrians here would die if they try to cross the street in Bangkok. Here, you may own the road, but in Bangkok, it’s either you cross with care or lose your life. That’s my favourite joke. You can see me looking a bit paranoid while crossing the empty streets of Twin Falls. Just something I got used to while living in a city where the drivers drove like they just finished their pot of weed.

And the touching part: “You can get a sense of being a parent. Part of it is humiliating your child.” My host mom is talking about the dads deciding to face paint their exchange son. Lol, I love you guys.

The next part of it is going on the Tidal Wave. In Thailand, we call this ride “Viking.” It was a bit anti climatic compared to the one I rode five times in a row back when I went to England for 1 month, but it’s fine.

Then came my favourite ride. I absolutely loved this ride, if not for the extremely awkward moment when I was half asleep in the queue and they had to push me to walk. Sorry, guys. I was half asleep, yo.

And then I was half asleep on the ride. “Swing of the Century” was my absolute favourite part of coming to Lagoon, because it’s just so relaxing and felt like you’re actually flying. It may seem a bit childish and kinky, but once you’re up, you’re flying. Your feet are above all those people, stretching out into the air. The wind was hitting your face, and your body was cutting through the air in that tiny little basket. I wanted to go again, but there’s just not enough time to get in line again.

I rode the single seat and didn’t look up at the pretty ladies once. I was looking at the people in front of me and making sure nobody’s shoes went flying off.

After that, we went to the Pioneer village. The folks decided that they want to ride the Rattlesnake one. I couldn’t for girly reason. So, I waited for them to come out the tunnel of the ride, resisting my urge to insert a quarter and spray them with water.

And after waiting for a while, they came.

And then I ran to the other side to capture this moment:

Of course this destroyed Svenja’s day because she was sopping wet after the ride.

They walked back across to the other side, Svenja on bare feet, and went on this whirly thing. I wasn’t feeling like riding it with someone in our party sulking, so I passed the ride and sat there reading my absolute favourite series of light novel that I hauled all the way from Thailand.

This volume wasn’t as sick as the other ones, but I forgive you because kona-sensei made a gorgeous cover art that I’ll treasure. Well, after this there wasn’t much to do anyway. We went around searching for stuff to do. The Frightmare things had a crazy line, so we had to skip on that and go home. (I did watch 2 songs of Zombie Mambo. The zombie guy was saying: This is the time when we zombies get to party until the sun rises. And I said to Svenja: But the sun is still up!) Oh, and there was zombie walking around the park. They didn’t come to me cause I was staring at them suspiciously.

But we did one last thing before we gave up on lagoon all together: Samurai. Well, I didn’t go on it, of course, but the others did.

I quickly snapped a picture of the Ferris Wheel I didn’t even get to go on:

And after this, we went our separate ways. They got to stay because they lived relatively close by the park while I was 3 hours away. I sold two chocolates at that point out of sixty, but here I thank Amy for buying 8 more of them for her host family. I love you *bows*

The skies in the desert are just stunning. I took a photo of this sunset, but it didn’t quite capture the contrast of the black hill and orange sky. Here it is:

And the car was going too fast for my snail shutter.

But I had a picture of the mountain which looked like someone dropped their blanket.

After riding for a while, we stopped to eat dinner at a fast food place called Carl’s Junior. I must admit that this place is really good for a fast food restaurant. Hurray America.

Some of you might think: seriously? A salad in a fast food restaurant? Hey, girl just wanna be healthy here.

After we finished our meal, I gobbled on fried bananas (unleashing the desire from that choco-banana on lunchtime) and gave some to my sis. Then, I crashed for the whole period of the 3 hour drive. We stopped to drop Amy off at her home around 22:40 or 10 pm. (I’m more used to military time than the pm am thing.) Then, we went home at around 23. I took a really quick shower, played Love Live for a little bit and crashed, only to wake up at 9:30 and called my mom on Facebook call for 30 more minutes until I finally felt like actually getting out of bed. I made fried rice for breakfast and enjoyed the rest of the day doing nothing productive except for typing this blog. (Well, actually I finally got around to finishing Midnight Puppeteer. I don’t know why but I hated the game.)

Tomorrow is back to school. Posters promoting the US Air Force is posted around the school. Here’s what it looks like:

Sir, are you, like, promoting a movie or something? This poster is extremely beautiful for just recruiting. Too bad they didn’t receive as much attention as the US Army. Their poster is just, wow. My absolute favourite poster of all time.

(Anyone noticed I named this post Haibane Renmei style? No? Okay.)

Hmm…that’s about it for the Lagoon trip and all the other random stuff. Until next time~~~~~ ❤ ❤

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