My Anime/Manga of 2015

New Year is supposed to be a time of reflection, so I’m going to give some awards to anime & manga I’ve seen/read this year because I never got in the mood to do last year’s.

To start off: Best Action (Anime) goes to: Arslan Senki

Tactical wars + nice ed theme + intriguing plot + adorable prince = no.1 in my rank. This story reminds me so much of a novel I used to write of a wimpy prince that lost his kingdom but man, Arslan Senki is on another level than my pathetic work.

Best Action (Manga) goes to: Eden: It’s an Endless World!

Excellent sci-fi/drama manga about humanity and the world. This manga is loaded with clever writing and detailed art. The characters are realistic and there are a lot of thing to reflect upon in this manga. I totally recommend this.

Honourable Mention: Girls of the Wild’s

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