Yuri!!! on Ice Ep 5-8 Review (Pt.1) – meaningful short programs and the big question

In this post: Donald Trump, cinnamon roll, and ketchup

Warning: hell lot of pictures

This post came out a week slower than expected… I apologize about that. It’s almost the end of the year and Yuri on Ice is slowly reaching the climax—the Grand Prix final. But, before that our protagonist Katsudon Yuuri will have to first actually get into the competition. That means defeating a hell lot of other skaters.

Episode 5 opens with the Japan nationals. Here, we’re introduced to Minami Kenjiro.


Ahem, I mean…

kawaii ketchup.png

Dang you Kawaii Nugget Ketchup. Minami Kenjiro is a 17 years old figure skater from Japan who defeated Yuuri in the All Japan Championship. He’s a huge fan of our Katsudon and honestly, he feels like a representation of us fangirls. Yuuri remarks the little boy reminded him of himself in the past because he skates so innocently…or something.

oya oya.png

Why did Yuuri initially feel awkward with Minami and ignore his fangirling? I can think of two reasons. One, he thinks Minami is like his family or the people in Hasetsu who supports him just because, without actually knowing anything about him. Yuuri doesn’t have the confidence to acknowledge he has a fangirl and isn’t used to it. Two, he had a bad feeling about Minami since the boy defeated him in the Championship after his tragic defeat in the Grand Prix Final, and he felt Minami’s trampling all over him again. Or three, he just finds Minami’s hairstyle too similar to chicken nugget it makes him hungry.

But when Yuuri got surprised about Kenjiro skating his SP which he hated and thought of as a dark past, he said “You don’t have a dark past!” I think that changed something. What Yuuri got from Kenjiro was what he yearned for all along: support.

If you remember the first few episodes, Yuuri’s family does not seem supportive of his career and lacks understanding of it. That’s why there was such a dramatic change when Viktor came into Yuuri’s life. Yuuri finally felt he had someone to lean on, someone who actually knows his struggles as a figure skater and helps him through it.



Then came Minami with the famous quote:


Yuuri needed one last jab from Viktor to realise he had to be confident and answer Minami’s feelings properly, as someone he looks up to. I think Yuuri’s win was reasonable since he had superior technical skills and represented Japan in the Grand Prix Final before. He’s also more used to competition, unlike Minami who regularly gets distracted.



The unstoppable Victuuri ship 

Here are some EP 5 shots

At this point my Wifi is so bad I need to use my hotspot but I lost the original draft for the rest of the post. Lol. Okay, here goes nothing.

In episode 6, the Cup of China, guess who’s back………Phichitttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this episode Yuuri competes with five other competent figure skaters from all around the world (Yuri on Ice is very international, and this episode alone shows you why.) I’ll go into detail about some of them.

First, let’s invite Leo de la Inglesia onto the stage.

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Leo is a 19 years old Mexican America who is both a skater and choreographer (very artistic dude indeed). His forte in skating is interpretation. He represents America. Leo is good friends with Phichit and Guanghong. Unlike other anime who usually have Caucasian characters, Yuri on Ice chooses Leo. What does this have to do with Donald Trump? Donald Trump discriminates Mexican Americans, and to have Leo represent America on the world stage represent more than just having another  tan boy on the show: he’s the symbol of racial integrity, and the symbol of hope for unity. (Alright, I maybe over-analysing but that might be the case.)

His SP theme is “Still Alive” Quoting Amanda Tsubasa’s comment on Still Alive video on youtube: “The fact that a Mexican-American man skates to a song like this, on the day that it was revealed that a man who has been nothing but discriminating…against Mexicans has been elected…is so heartwearming. And I almost feel as if this is a sign, and a way of the series to show that no matter where you are from, and no matter what your ethnicity/nationality is, and no matter how much you are being discriminated against, even by your own president, your dreams are valid and you are capable of doing incredible things.”

Personal Opinion: At first I didn’t think anything about him aside from that he didn’t deserve last place, but after I listen to his SP song and thought about it, I see that the producers are implying something political here.

Every day I sing, the brotherhood of man,
how grateful it is we’re still alive.
I can feel my soul singing as a bird.
Wherever I go, God stays with me.

Why did he end up in last place although he had high potential for winning? We could think that he flubbed his FP really badly, causing him to miss the chance of GPF.

Up next, precious smol cinnamon bun Ji Guang Hong.

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17 years old from China, very very cute skater who loves SNS and Phichit’s friend, very supportive of them, and Ji…didn’t do so well in the competition compared to others. He’s still young and doesn’t have as much hype as Yurachka. Ji still has a hell lot of room for improvement, a lot more stages to compete, and I am sure he will do well…especially if Phichit continues to motivate him lol. (#chuchujiji)


I love how Ji’s always like “wow you did so well!” after everyone’s program.

His SP is really sweet but we didn’t see the whole thing so I won’t say much. On the other hand, “The Inferno” presents our precious little boy in a different light. It’s from a fictional movie based of “Shanghai Blades”. Guanghong is the protagonist that infiltrates the enemy (Georgi’s) base with the help of his long lost ally, Leo. He flubbed his jump though. Based on his internal conversation, he didn’t seem to give his best shot at the Grand Prix cause he still have other events, and still a little shaky about the performance’s theme. Although he didn’t do as well as the others, I love his motivation when he said “I’m not the kind of man who’d die in a ditch here!”

Due to the absence of any #chuchujiji moment, I’ll give you something to fuel your ship: Ji’s scarf has the same pattern as a common type of fabric in Thailand called “ผ้าขาวม้า”. I could think of nobody who gave it to him but Phichit.


To wrap up the first part of our post, let’s take a look at Christophe Giacometti, silver medalist Grand Prix Final Russia.

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God, what’s wrong with the internet connection? Can’t even upload Chris pictures.

Here is a funny story. I watched the sixth episode of Yuri on Ice at school. I sat in the front row of the class, so people behind me could see my laptop screen. Then Chris came up. I had to slam my computer lid down. Gosh, that was dangerous.

His performance is R-rated, man. It’s oozing adult appeal. His butt is everywhere.

Nothing to say about his FP aside from that it’s interesting to see what goes on in a skater’s head during humps…I mean, jumps. I wonder what Swiss fans think about him hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Chris is also why you shouldn’t go around kissing the ice. *cough* JJ *cough*

Lyrics highlight: I”m begging you not to,
But you always make me so breathless.
How can I resist you?
When you leave my heart being undressed.
Ah~ Ooh~ Ah~

Watching his SP and FP compared to Yuuri felt like two men fighting over a lady. On one hand we have Yuuri who wants the world to be jealous of him posessing Viktor. On the other, we have Chris who tries to bring Viktor back to skating. I’ll expand on this in the next part. Let’s just say I laughed throughout his performance because it was so sensual but so ridiculous at the same time. Sorry, Chris.

Coming up later: Phichit, JJ, Georgi, and Viktor…Seunggil’s will be with the episode 9-12 review since I have stuff to say about him and don’t want him mushed with the others.

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