MY UNCLE IS IN AN ANIME – Yuri!!! On Ice EP 11 Review + Recap

Since it’s almost exams week (next week, to be precise) I will keep this quite short. In this post we will discuss: YuriO nIce, BEKA, Poor JJ, Why Yuri wants to leave Victor, Why Yuri got so upset he missed a jump, and Phichit Chulanont with my uncle.


Off to first topic: Yuratchka and Otabek        


Since there’s rumors of a sequel and Victor and Yuri’s story might end this season, there’s many speculation that the two protagonist of the next season might be Yurio and Otabek. The season will be title, instead of Yuri On Ice, Yurio Nice.


This episode we see Yuratchka’s similarities to Victor, as remarked by Yakov. We also see how he broke world record in his In Regards to Love: Agape. And the reason he was able to do that was because he met many people and knew many kinds of relationship: Lilia Baranovskaya, his grandpa, Yakov, Yuri, Victor, and the person who impacted him most in the second half of the series: Otabek Altin.


Otabek is Yuratchka’s first actual friend. And how they interacted was golden. I love, love, love, love seeing them together. Especially when Otabek is like a gruff knight on horseback and Yuratchka is a little grumpy princess lol.

STILL on the topic of Otabek (AKA Beka, AKA father)

Aside from that really awesome lady in a particular arc of EDEN: It’s an Endless World (I know Uighur is not in the Middle East but still), Otabek is the only other character in the Japanese pop culture who’s Middle Eastern and who’s really well-developed. What sets Otabek apart from other skaters is that we know he isn’t talented. He wasn’t born for the ice like Yuratchka, Victor or Phichit, but he worked harder than everyone to get to where he was. He had what Yuratchka used to lack at the very beginning of the series: determination. You don’t have to be born for it to be good at it, that’s what he showed us.

Trivia: Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan.

Trivia 2: They speak Russian in Kazakhstan.

otabek altin.png

otabek altin 2.png

Poor JJ, why did he screw up?


JJ won gold on both his qualification events, but on the Grand Prix Final he messed up really badly, and the best explanation for that is pressure. Pressure was what got to Seung-gil and Yuri and Leo.

Look at dainty Eros Yuri in the corner lol this image makes the characters look like a gang of villain with bad fashion tastes

In an interview with a coach for the Thai National figure skate team, the coach said “Ice skating is a difficult sport, if you cannot concentrate sometimes you can’t even do the jumps at all.” I empathize with screwing up because of pressure. In JJ’s case it was especially bad because like half the audience is his fan, and the one who skated right before him was Otabek the Dark Horse (who glared at him like JJ is a mortal enemy, even I got goosebumps).


But what really saved him was his girlfriend, or more accurately, his fiancee. JJ is a very lucky man to have a girl like that at his side. We know his performance got to his ego really badly, but hey, someone like King JJ never gives up. Especially with his love and the people of Canada on his side.


Why Yuri wants to leave Victor, and why he got so upset missing a jump

poor yuri1.png

What I am quite sure of is that Yuri wants to leave Victor because he felt Victor still wanted to skate. Another reason: from the “Is Victor Nikiforov homosexual?” post, we see that Victor does not stick with something for long, and Yuri might feel that Victor lost interest in him or something. (So sad, so sad indeed.) But so far this is just speculation. I think they’ll clarify this on the final episode next week.

poor yuri2.png

Yuri got upset he missed a jump because Victor said something along the line of “I trust your decision” but then Yuri messed up on what he decided on, and that was like letting Victor down. Either that or he felt that it’s the previous Grand Prix Final all over again. Another moment that plucked at my heartstrings.


So we’re at the final part: What is my uncle doing in Yuri on Ice?!


No he’s not my actual uncle, but Thai people call him uncle. He’s the Prime Minister General Prayut.(I don’t think I should put a picture of him here, but feel free to google pictures yourself and compare them with the screencap.)

The second instance where he’s seen in a talk show…well, that’s a real talk show that comes on free TV every morning. Here’s a picture along with their FB page.

phichit chulanont 2.png

Applause for the research team for Yuri on Ice. You really did well.

(By the way, in the interview with the Thai figure skating coach I mentioned above, they mentioned Japanese people coming to the rink to ask questions. That rink she referred to was the one Imperial World seen in the anime.)

phichit chulanont 3.png

Talking about Phichit, he’s really the healer of this anime. Others have such dramatic stories but Phichit just clears your mind and make you feel fluffy inside. Just look at how cute the boy is.

too cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png

…I think I’m getting a heart attack…hrghhhhh….

Animate Bangkok is getting Yuri On Ice stuff into their store…I hope there will be many Phichit merchandise.


Overall, I’m looking forward to next week’s final episode…if I survive the exams. Wish me luck! ❤

phichit chulanont.png

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