2017 Anime Watchlist and To-Read Manga!!!

I should get things done this year, so here goes!!! (PS. this post is just to remind myself not to put off stuff I haven’t finished and keep starting new ones.)

Anime 2017:

Chain Chronicle (TV) [Watching]

Saga of Tanya the Evil [COMPLETED]

Clockwork Planet (TV) (Watching)

Genocidal Organ (Movie)

Other years:

Rakuen Tsuihou (Movie) [COMPLETED]

Sidonia no Kishi SS2 (TV)

Those are all for now.


Confidential Confession

River’s Edge [COMPLETED]s

Snow White and 7 Dwarves [COMPLETED]


Red Data Girl [COMPLETED]

Stuff I plan to finish this year:

Dantalion no Shoka (TV) [COMPLETED]


Noragami Aragoto (TV) (Watching)

Sidonia no Kishi (manga) [COMPLETED]


My Anime/Manga of 2016


That dream is to get a life.

I can’t believe it’s already my 3rd year on this blog. Time sure flies. Since I’m set on doing this every year, might as well lay down some rules for giving awards to anime/manga I’ve watched/read.

  1. One award per one franchise in one year (so Yuri on Ice can’t get every award on the list, and neither can Ghost in the Shell)
  3. The recipients can be released in any year, but I have to start/finish it in 2016
  4. Awards are based solely on my opinion. Recommendations for next year are welcome! (If you want to see which ones I’ve already watched, check here.)

Since I haven’t seen or read as much as last year, this list might not fill every award, and I might add new ones.

To start off:

Best Sci-fi goes to: Ghost in the Shell

You can never go wrong with GITS. Its questions about humanity can be endlessly discussed. Live action starring Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow!) coming this year.

Best Historical goes to: Kaguya-Hime no Monogatari

Kaguya-Hime is an atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing anime movie. The art style is unique and the story of Kaguyahime’s struggles is fantastic and real. Kaguya-Hime is a break-off from traditional princess stories and you will find yourself rooting for the princess all the way while learning ancient Japanese culture.

Best Drama (anime) goes to: Re: Zero kara hajimaru isekai seikatsu

What’s better for drama than a hell loop? Although Re: Zero is a combination of the time loop and different world trope, it managed to get its own standing and became a very emotionally intense anime. (It may appear like harem but it’s not quite harem…)

Best Drama (manga) goes to: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Onisarashi-hen

This twisted hell of a side story brought Higurashi back to its throne on my favorite manga list. Although a side story, Onisarashi has all the charms of the original Higurashi manga.

More below.

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