7 Things I Love and Hate about Tokyo 7th Sisters

7 Things I Like / Dislike about Tokyo 7th Sisters


Since I’m quitting the game this month, I will say my final goodbyes through this review.


  1. The number of characters


777 Sister has 12 main idols plus a whole troop of supporting casts and rival groups. You’re bound to find one you like among them.

  1. Catchy songs

From generic pop to rock music, Tokyo 7th sisters has really great tunes that you just want to listen over and over again. Although not as diverse in style as Love Live or Idol master, many different groups sing the song so you won’t get tired of hearing the same people sing all the time.

  1. There’s always something to do


Scouting, doing a live show, hunting bosses, or reading stories, 7th Sisters seem to have you occupied every time you log into the game.

  1. Supporting casts are not neglected


From events dedicated to non-canon members to P cards to main story, the members has everything. You’d recognize every one of them.

  1. Fully voiced


One down side of Love Live is that you never get to hear game only character’s voice. Also, even rival groups like Saint Snow and A-RISE didn’t get voice acting till much later. 7th sister however, has everything and everyone voiced, and the quality is as good as a commercial visual novel. If you can understand Japanese by ear but cannot read it, no worries, you can understand the story. Thankfully they have no screechy girls (except for maybe Memoru and Hina). Most of the casts have voices that are very pleasant to listen to, like Murakami, Sisala, Musubi, Nonohime, and Tomoe.

  1. So much variety!


Some idols in the game are exchange students (who the heck let Tasha go to a foreign country alone when she’s just a wee little girl?) This is the first idol franchise that feature an African American (Jedah) and the few to have a Chinese girl. Multiple idols are also half Japanese. There are also many tropes, like yandere (Makoto), Tsundere (Kyouko) and kuudere (Sisala).

  1. Quality of the story


The story can be dramatic at times, but mostly it always succeed in making me laugh. Most of the time it’s nonsensical but I like it nonetheless.


Now the things I didn’t quite enjoy.


  1. Difficult to grasp at first


7th sister has a lot of features so getting used to all of them might be troublesome to new players. Also, 7th sisters is partially a battle game so boom, more complex stats and complex methods to maximize the capacity of your units.

  1. Complicated Menu


You see rows and rows of buttons, and the menu has boxes after boxes which all do different things. I know Love Live also has similar number of buttons, but for some reason I find it harder to do things on 7th sister’s menu.

  1. Competition is fierce

In Love Live I can get tier 2 without much trouble, but it’s a whole different story in T7S. Grinding to get 1 G card isn’t too hard, sure, but competition in the Thai server just requires you to drop everything in order to get another G card to do special practice, which isn’t something I can do. As of now I still do not own a single GS aside from the Nicole I got for free. (I do have a P though)

  1. You don’t get to hear some of your favorite characters actually sing…


4U has 3 characters and not all of them get to sing. The Queen of Purple has 4 idols and only Murasaki sings. (I love Murasaki, but I also love Ferb and Matsuri) Makoto…despite her obsessive fans, she doesn’t have a unit yet. Same for Sisala. Same for Jedah (Chika Takami doesn’t count). Same for Tomoe. It’s great that they are given as much attention as the main girls (777Sisters), but one day I would love to hear they sing their own songs. Hopefully the girls will get a solo one day.

  1. You pay you rule

This applies to every game, but T7S makes it so obvious.

  1. Those people love taking my items

The most annoying thing when you get started with this game is when people keep taking your collectibles.

  1. Free 7th coins have expiry dates


It’s annoying when you have to worry about the 7 coins you saved up will disappear one day without notice.

I was also going to mention the lag, but since they fixed it I didn’t include the problem in here.


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