Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari Ep 1-3

Played the game for a year or so, game closed down, I didn’t get Kain’s story in time before it closed down, and now what? Oh, a movie? Now an anime?

Chain Chronicle is a mobile game about a continent called Yggdra raided by the Black Army, a swarm of monsters under the Black King. You play as the protagonist (Yuri in the anime, Erya as I named him). Your job is to gather a volunteer army and protect the world.

Here is the interesting part: the anime did not adapt the game, it continued after the game’s ending. (If I read correctly) I’m not sure where they picked up from, though. The international server of Chain Chronicle ended where they sailed to another continent where they have guns or something, but I am quite sure they did not adapt the main story because I’ve played about half of it. And I’ve played long enough to know that there is no card called ‘Aram’ in the game, so that must be new.

First impressions: the anime did not give much explanation as to what is going on. If you haven’t played the game, you might be confused about Phoena and Pirika and what the heck is going on, but they gradually expanded on that. It’s not too confusing since it’s your typical RPG plot: defeat the big boss. Chain Chronicle is not the first I’ve seen to start with a defeat, but hey, what’s wrong with that?

Still, the scene where Pirika got squashed was absolutely brutal, man. Me, I’ve spent a year doting on Pirika cheering every time she appears to help me defeat a boss, but five minutes into the anime her neck was snapped. Like, huwat? PIRIKAAAAAAA

AND they gave out the biggest spoiler (regarding Phoena) of the game’s story right at the first episode!!! What the heck?!?

The only thing keeping me watching at this point is nostalgia. I’ve spent so much time with the characters in the game: Kain, Michidia, Pirika, Phoena, Marina, and so many others that it felt great to see them come to life. I’m still looking forward to seeing Haruaki and Touka and Connely and Ibuki to appear on screen.

The art’s good. The music’s okay. Fight scenes are friggin awesome. (Finally get to see what the game’s combat system actually looks like) Aram’s not too interesting for me but I guess I’ll keep watching. I’m liking the ‘defeated hero get trashed’ moments of this anime, but if it doesn’t break away from your typical shounen plot I think I’m going to drop it.

I was actually expecting Yuri to go into the dark side, if that happened Chain Chronicles would be so exciting to watch. But I guess they’re not taking the risk of upsetting the game’s fans.

For now let me catch up on the episodes before I decide what to do next. See y’all.


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