Plans for March-April Book Fair

This has nothing related to the usual stuff I do on this blog, but I shall make this to-buy book list for the sake of showing everyone that I do not only read scanlations but I also support the author where available. Eh…not that anyone has commented on that, but anyway! (I feel guilty reading scanlations, that’s what.)

So if you’re planning to visit Thailand…well, the books are all in Thai so I don’t even know what you plan to do if you’re going to the book fair. But hey, you’re always welcomed!

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Youjo Senki Ep 6-7 Review: Jingo Loli Strikes Again

Faith… With strong faith, one’s heart is invincible…even though your body ain’t.


The concept of ‘faith’ seems to play a role in Youjo Senki’s main theme. The battle between the atheist vs. the believer was the highlight for me. It shows Tanya’s apathy towards the enemy, and the reason why the show’s titled “Tanya The Evil”. But why…why does a guy who prays wholeheartedly lose to a cruel little girl who god happens to hate?

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