Zombie Kiss Vol. 1 Intro+Characters+Discussion

***This is a fan translation of the Thai novel ‘Zombie Kiss’. It will be taken down immediately per request of the original publisher (punica). Otherwise, enjoy reading!***

Zombie Kiss

Other Names: สาปศพนางฟ้า (Angel’s Corpse)

Author: กันย์ (Kan)

Illustrators: Blue Cat, Dim-Sum Studio

Publisher: Punica Publishing

Translation Index page: here

Zombie Kiss 1: Love, Jealousy, Corpse

A “Love” That You Will Remember Till Your Death



…am enticed by death.

To me, death…

Is a fathomless darkness.

Is a beautiful and valuable piece of art.

When I met “her”…

I can see the light for the first time.

But because of a wrong decision,

I sank even deeper into madness.

To be free of the dark,

I will…

Get back my light.





Ariya Aphisuriyakul

“You have…the scent of death.”

A man with warm personality and gentle smile. But that is just a mask he used to cover his hideous fetish… He only loves those that are dead.

(The guy on the cover. That’s him.)


Vakin Rattananurakwong

“You…do you want to live?”

A man who enjoys seeing the struggles of human. He gives them chances to cheat death for some kind of experiment…

Lilith Sattayatrakul

“Ariya…kill me.”

A woman in white. Holds the secret between Ariya and Vakin.

[Note: Don’t worry if you can’t even read their surnames. Thai people are famous for having absurdly long surnames.]


WHAT lies beneath the mask?

When I look into the mirror,

I can’t help but wonder,

Who am I?

Is my reflection on the mirror me?

Or is that a mere “mask”?


Welcome to “The City of Masks”, a place where everyone wears beautifully crafted masks. No one has ever seen each other’s true faces. Do you know…?

Under the masks…what is hidden beneath?

Once upon a time, a woman wished to be the bride of the prince who wore the most beautiful mask of all. But because she only possessed one Joker mask, she went to the mask vendor.

The vendor’s name was “Vakin.” He was the only man in the city who did not wear a mask. He had a strange fetish… He enjoyed watching the struggles of others. The more the woman gave to be the prince’s bride, the more he enjoyed her. Vakin gave the most beautiful mask ever made to her, and warned: “Never take this mask off.”

The woman went to the castle to visit the prince, whose name was “Ariya.”

Because of his handsome face and gentle smile, people gathered around to brag about their masks.

“This is the mask of wisdom, since it was made from a philosopher’s book…”

“Mine is the politician’s mask. I can order anyone to do anything…”

“Mine is the mask of prosperity, since it was made from the rarest gemstone…”

But the woman’s mask had no quality she could brag about.

The woman went back to the vendor in shame. She bought more and more masks to wear over the ones she already had.

“I don’t care how many layers you wear,” Vakin watched the woman with joy, “but never forget my warning.”

Every time the woman wore her mask, she would tell others:

“I am a wise philosopher.”

“I am a valiant soldier.”

“I am a rich princess.”

Finally, Prince Ariya gained interest in her.

“I want to see… what kind of pretty face lies under the masks?”

With her heart overflowing with joy, the woman forgot about the vendor’s warning. But no matter how hard she pulled, the masks stuck hard to her face. She pulled harder…harder…harder… until…


Skin came off along with the masks.

Revealing a face with nothing but… hideous darkness.

The woman ran away with unbearable shame, leaving behind a Joker mask. Prince Ariya picked up the mask and returned it to the vendor.

“People are strange, huh?” Vakin said, chuckling. “If you wear a priest’s mask, you can’t do evil. If you wear a clown’s mask, you can’t cry. I you wear a philosopher’s mask, you can’t say you don’t know. In the end, people forget their true selves.”

The prince smiled warmly at those remarks.

“Then make the mask your true face.”

Ariya pulled his lips beneath the mask into a cold smile.

Welcome to “The City of Masks”, a place where everyone wears beautifully crafted masks. No one has ever seen each other’s true faces. Do you know…?

Under the masks… a lie was hidden.

What LIES beneath the mask…

Now it’s your turn.

Look into the mirror… and look carefully.

Are you hiding anything beneath that mask?



Zombie Kiss is originally a mix of an illustration novel, a comic, and a novel in one volume. I’ll only be translating the novel portions since I do not wish to take my book apart just yet lol. The reason I decided to translate this rather underrated piece of fiction is that… well, I just wanted it to gain publicity and be patriotic for once.

If you find the beginning rather cliche, I urge you to keep reading on, since the second volume is x100 times better than the first. There’s horror, suspense, gore, and packed with unsettling moments. The first tackles more on the humanity aspects of the sot

If you liked Zombie Kiss, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to support the original publisher (Punica) when their works become available in your country!

Stay tuned!]


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