Zombie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch.2 Worthless – Lifeless]

Zombie Kiss Chapter 2 Worthless-Lifeless


How do we judge

Other’s worth?

And why do we

Let others judge our own worth?

If I do not accept other people’s judgement of me

Do I still belong

In this “human” society…?

“Worthless – Lifeless”

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Zombie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch.1 A Corpse’s Memories] 7 and Epilogue



I was still drowsy when I opened my eyes, but at least now I remembered everything.

Both Ariya and Lilith were gone without a trace. Just a small pool of blood as a memento. I didn’t know what happened between them, but there was one thing that was certain…

‘Ariya’s struggle hasn’t ended.’

What about mine?

When my eyes adjusted to the dark, I snatched the gun and phone that was beside me.

One bullet left.

I left to search the rooms again. On the fourth floor was Ken’s and the other’s pile of parts, on the second floor was Wasant’s halved body, and when I peered down at the first floor, I saw Kanatorn laying on the ground with staggered breath. Ignoring him, I walked to the other side of the first floor.

One person I haven’t found.

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Zomebie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch. 1 A Corpse’s Memories] 6



I had the dream once more. I tried to build a pair of wings to fly freely in the endless sky, but when I tried to fly higher, the sun burned me and I fell. No matter how I struggled to reach my hands out, in the end I could not grasp a thing.


I’ve lived with that word and its synonyms all my life.

“You have to be a great student in place of your sister, understand?”

My father repeated day after day.

For as long as I can remember, my elder sister was sick, sometimes to the point where she could not go to school. She spent most of her time sleeping in bed or in the hospital. I heard she had to get a dialysis there all the time. Every time her conditions worsened, my father’s anguish would deepen.

The me in the past thought that if I get good grades and behaved well, my father’s wrinkled face would smile for once.

To accomplish my goal, I studied and listened in class until I became the top student. I was so happy all my efforts and struggles against myself paid off.

I ran to my father and mother with my grade report in hand.

“So what? It’s your duty to do well in school. You think this much is good enough?”

Father threw my grade report on the table. He walked to my sister’s room with an armload of medicines and a glass of water.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch.1: A Corpse’s Memories] 5



We opened a worn out wooden door, which was the last room on the fourth floor we hadn’t entered. Ariya felt for the light switch. Luckily, the bulbs were still working.

This room was strange. It looked roomy and was the only room with furniture… well, not quite ‘furniture’. Multiple clay pots lined the inside.

Inside all of the pots were trees. Those trees were about two meters high and spread their branches all over the place. Among the leaves bloomed pure white flowers. They were cone shaped with elegant petals that hung like white bells.

“What’s this?”

I entered the room and stared at those flowers. I felt a surge of attraction, but when my hands reached out to touch them, Ariya grabbed my wrists and squeezed it so hard I yelped.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch.1: A Corpse’s Memories] 3 and 4



After getting the flashlight, (nevermind how I got it) we started searching the corridors on the floor we’re on, but did not find anything or anyone.

I and Ariya decided to walk up a set of stairs to 3rd floor to find any door or hole that might get us to the outside world. I tried hard to make conversation, especially trying to get Ariya to answer prior questions.

“So, you and I know each other from before?”

“Hmm? Yes, Vakin and I did. We were medical students in the same university.”

Ariya answered as he opened a door to a room, and raised the phone up to illuminate the interior.

“Medicine, huh? Were we close?”

Ariya laughed softly.

“Vakin and I were not close. Vakin was the type that does not give a damn about anything or anyone. On top of that, he was so straightforward every medical student would call him ‘The Black Sheep of the Faculty of Medicine’.”

Was I…that bad?

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