Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Ch.2 Angel’s Corpse Second Half] Epilogue



Da ended the call after she finished telling her ‘Angel’s Corpse’ story on the late night show.

She sighed and hugged her pillow. After sharing her experiences with a bunch of strangers, the stress coiled inside her began to unwind. Maybe it’s because sharing her worries relaxed her mind.

Funny. She’d only ever listened to this program. She never thought she would be the one telling stories.

Then her phone rang. Continue reading


Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Ch.2 Angel’s Corpse Second Half] 3





Shin drove aimlessly on the road as slow as a turtle crawling. There was a honk from the cars behind as all the cars passed him. The man didn’t care. It was past 1 am., but Shin did not want to go home.

‘Did not want to go’ was not as accurate as ‘too scared to go’.

But the man had nowhere else to be and no one else to depend on. He didn’t know how to explain to others that ‘a corpse in my room turned into a Pop’. Instead of getting an advice, he would be the joke of the century.

The only one who would believe him was Da, his ex fiancee.

But because of pride and ego, he could not go back to his ex.

If he called, she would say ‘see, I told you.’ Deep in his mind, he was more afraid of being an embarrassment than confronting the Angel’s Corpse. Continue reading

Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Ch.2 Angel’s Corpse Second Half] 2





The day after Shin’s fight with Da, nothing was out of the ordinary.

He woke up in his bed, ate breakfast, took a shower, drove to present his work, and came back with indifference. He didn’t feel sad, guilty, or empty. Without Da, his life flowed as usual, as if her disappearance wasn’t anything major.

Women are all the same. They would ask for a breakup after a quarrel. When they calmed down, they would come back eventually.

That’s right. He’s not in the wrong here.

Da was the one who made him lose a good sum of money from selling the Angel’s Corpse. If he had more time to negotiate, he would be able to raise the price. He didn’t know why, but he had a feeling that whatever number he named, the buyer would pay it to get his Angel’s Corpse. Continue reading

Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Ch.2 Angel’s Corpse Second Half] 1

Love… is from the bottom of the heart.

Even death cannot put an end to love.

But sometimes, desires sprouting from love…

Can drive a person to death.

“Angel’s Corpse”







“Why is it still here!?”

Da screeched the moment she opened the door. She heard that someone rented the corpse, and they will return to their former happy life, so she came to Shin’s room to invite him to go shopping.

But her good mood crumbled when she saw Shin humming a tune while decorating the black coffin, the Angel’s Corpse sitting quietly beside him.

Da thought she saw the corpse’s red lips smirking at her.

“Something happened to the guy who rented her.”

Shin replied as he decided where to put a black ribbon.

“Something? What kind of thing?”

Da demanded an answer, her heart filled with anxiety.

“Nothing. The TV show producer who rented her had a heart failure and died.” Continue reading

Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Ch.1 Angel’s Corpse (First Half)] 4





Shin sighed as he sat on a soft sofa, waiting to present his photographs to a major television program.

But he sighed not because he was nervous. It was because of his girlfriend.

Lately, her fear and paranoia increased ten folds. If he wasn’t in the room, she would never go there alone. Adding to that, she kept asking him every time they meet: ‘When will you sell that corpse? Have you found a buyer? Could you hurry up and throw it away?’

Sometimes, Shin felt that Da was a ghost pestering him to no end.

Unlike the ‘Angel’. Even if she was a corpse, but when Shin stayed with her, his heart was tranquil. Da used to feel like that. Gentle and warm.

But now, Da was a paranoid madwoman. Continue reading

Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Ch.1 Angel’s Corpse (First Half)] 3





“Shin, where did all the meat in the fridge go?”

Da peeked out from the kitchen and demanded her boyfriend for an answer.

Shin turned around, his hands brushing the ‘Angel’s’ lovely hair. He found this ‘Angel’s Corpse’ in a Langpacha ceremony. One corner of his living room was already home to that corpse’s large western coffin.

On the lid was a small opening to see the corpse’s face.

But most of the time Shin left the lid open. He sat the coffin upright against the wall and held it with a strong peg so it does not topple over. When someone enters the room, what they saw first would be a woman’s corpse in her elegant coffin.

Sometimes, Shin would prop the corpse on the floor or chairs. He decorated her coffin with colorful flowers that changed daily. Of course, those flowers came from Ladda’s shop.

A corpse and fresh flowers? …Hmph, suits each other enough. Continue reading