Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Intro]

Zombie Kiss Volume 3: Beauty, Corpses, Killer


I knew a man…

He had a friendly smile,

And was always helping others.

But I could feel that under his smile…

Something was hidden.

Something mysterious, cold, and frightening,

Like an endless rabbit hole.

The man’s name was…




Twisted Love Princess

Illustration: Blue Cat

Graphic: Manthinee Wasitnitiwat

. . .

Once upon a time…

In a kingdom was a handsome prince who journeyed to find a princess who would become his wife.

But no matter how beautiful, how intelligent, how rich those princesses were, the prince was not satisfied.

One day, there came rumors of a beautiful princess trapped on top of a tower.

The prince made his way there.

“There is no princess here. Only…a corpse.”

Two men who stood in front of the tower warned.

“No, I know. The evil witch was jealous of the princess and cursed her. The princess who is hard to get is the only one worthy enough to be mine, not those ordinary princesses.”

The prince told the two men bravely.

“Please be at ease, her two guards! For I will be the one to lift her curse!”

“Well, do what you please…but…”

“The one who trapped the princess is not a witch.” The man in black said.

“And we are not her guards.” The man in white said.

The man in black, ‘Ariya’, introduced himself with a smile before taking the prince to his first trial.

“What the princess needs is a tremendous amount of blood.”

“What a befitting item for lifting the curse! That is blood from brave warriors. This is a proof for my courage in battle, right, guard?”

“Do you not see? This is no battlefield. This is an execution ground, where lives are taken. This is the proof of the princess’s ruthless hunting instincts.”

But the prince did not heed those words…

Then, ‘Vakin’, the man in white who had eyes that look down upon the whole world brought the prince to his second trial.

“What the princess needs are the angel’s trumpet flowers in this forest.”

“What a befitting item for lifting the curse! This flower is pure and beautiful. This is a proof that my appearance is good enough to stand beside the princess, right, guard?”

“Do you not see…? The flower’s roots grew from carcasses. It’s poison, like a beautiful women who hides her evil.”

Vakin said, tired of the prince.

But the prince did not heed those words…

The two men warned for the last time.

“Do you still not see…why this beauty needs to be trapped here?

There are only corpses in this tower. Go back where you came from.”

But the prince did not heed those words.


At the top of the tower was the princess’s beautiful body,

Bandaged all over.

“My princess, your extraordinary beauty is the only thing for me. Please stay by my side forever.”

The prince walked towards the princess and hugged her gently.


The princess mumbled, before smiling a beautiful smile,

Befitting ‘Lilith, the Twisted Beauty.’

“In the end, he did not listen, huh?”

Vakin said, frustrated, while looking at the princess who held the prince’s ‘body’ tightly.

“He kept calling us ‘guards’, even though we said the one who trapped the princess here is not a ‘witch’ but a ‘wizard’.”

“It cannot be helped. His eyes did not look at the ‘truth’. He only saw his own ‘ego’ or what he wanted to see… Look… There are piles of corpses here. He did not see them.”

Ariya said, before glancing around the bright red room. He wiped the drops of blood of the princess’s cheek tenderly.

“Here. It’s getting messy…Lilith.”

“Congratulations, Prince. Finally you get to be with the princess forever, just like you wanted.” The two wizards laughed beside the princess forever.

Once upon a time… there was a princess

Who waited for foolish princes

To become her ‘prey’ forever.

[Alright, we are on volume 3. One more volume to go before I catch up with the original.]


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