Kakegurui Ep. 5-8 Review – Beware the Hyperventilation

Yumeko finds herself drawing the attention of crazy people, while Mary has to deal with the student council president who seems to have cyanosis.

But first I have to mention that: THE SHIP HAS SAILED!!!

kakegurui ep 5-1.png

Episode 5 completes the Indian Poker arc and establishes an important character trait of Yumeko’s: her desire to gamble without a care for wins or losses. Although the show never explicitly let us inside Yumeko’s head and hear her thoughts, we learn about who she is through what she does.

kakegurui ep 5-2.png

It was an intense episode, with players bluffing each other and basically betting their futures on this single game. It’s a given that Kiwatari Jun (the jerk) won’t win, but I was actually surprised that Mary won judging from the shape of the game. Who would’ve guessed she and Yumeko would come up with a debt swapping plan. (But weren’t the debts reported before the group selection? How did they switch their debts just by exchanging plates? Huh? Did I miss something?)

kakegurui ep 5-3.png

The most interesting part of episode 5 was Tsubomi’s back story. She just seemed like this kind of aloof, soulless girl, but we get to see that she has a heart and a lot of willpower once she has made up her mind. Also, we see how fragile a person is. She wasn’t violently abused. The bullies just cut her hair, but it changed her personality upside down and was the starting point that made her school life hell. So don’t bully anyone even if the person looks weak and society permits you to do so. Don’t. Or you’ll end up in deep shi*t like Kiwatari.

The cyanosis president takes an interest in Mary because she won the game and stole big money from the student council. She tried to recruit Mary, while Mary will have none of it.

I really need to emphasize here that Kakegurui has some amazing close-up shots. I love how the eyes glow.

kakegurui ep 6-1.png

In episode 6, we get to see Yumeko’s sister who was not present in the manga. They look alike. All we know about her from the manga is that she is sick, but the way she’s presented in the anime made her seem like someone with a mental illness. (Or maybe she is. Wait, she definitely is.)

kakegurui ep 6-2.png

In this episode, Midari drags Suzui and Yumeko into an underground toture chamber…I mean, wait, there’s a basement inside this school? Which government approved this?

This should’ve been the most intense episode so far since there’s a real gun involved, but because Yumeko is so unfazed, the location or the gun itself isn’t that intimidating.

kakegurui ep 6-3.png

Meanwhile, the president tries to seduce Mary into joining the student council. Still. Well, they’ve got to make the transition smooth. Can’t blame them for that.

kakegurui ep 6-4.png

The scariest thing about this arc is not the fact that either Midari or Yumeko can get shot from the real gun. The real horror is…


kakegurui ep 7-1

Hurray, the president took my eye.

kakegurui ep 7-2

Pretty and crazy goes well together, don’t they?

She realized that the true joy of gambling stems from risking her life, but that’s just because she likes to be mutilated. This is actually a big problem, and she should seek help. Does Hyakkaou Academy have a social support system? No? Thought so. Which government actually approved the existence of this school?

kakegurui ep 7-3

kakegurui ep 7-4.png

There is nothing peculiar about the ESP game itself or the way it was played (aside from the cheating that is very subtle to us but obvious to Yumeko.) The real enjoyment of this episode is from watching Midari, a girl whom you will find very comical or very disturbing, depending on how you look at her. You can call her the Crazy of Crazies (or the Most Obvious Crazy if Miss Blue Lips is the Craziest Crazy of Crazies.)

kakegurui ep 7-5kakegurui ep 7-6

Seriously, she gets the most disturbing facial expressions in the entire cast. Her over-the-top reaction can be hilarious at times. I actually laughed while she was doing her…thing…on the table.

Still, all in all she’s not someone I would want to associate with just for the sake of retaining my sanity.

I think she’s there to fulfill some of the author’s dark fantasies. Her only real purpose is to develop Yumeko’s character and clarify that she isn’t a masochist who finds pleasure in living with pain. She’s a risk addict, and as long as both sides get equal damage at a fair game, she finds enjoyment in it. Even though that game may involve stripping nails. Midari just likes the high she got from pain (or the possibility of pain), thus she gets hyperventilation every time someone points a gun at her.

The fact that Yumeko doesn’t load her gun in the gamble says that, despite being a compulsive gambler and a crazy, she still retains her common sense. Hurray.

kakegurui ep 7-7.png

All in all it was a hectic ride to see Midari the Hyperventilator and Kirari the Cyanosis President in action. That’s all I have to say.


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