Made in Abyss Ep. 4-6 Review: Genos Reg to the Rescue!

made in abyss 4-1.png

Reg and Riko are in the Abyss part of the Abyss, and things start to get serious despite how optimistic the whole journey seemed in the first place. The dangers become obvious: nobody’s there to help them if things go wrong. They are not in the orphanage any more. People seem to support them despite being complete noobs because they saw it coming since she was young. I didn’t think they would let her off so easily, though…made in abyss 4-4.png

After a final farewell to civilization, Riko and Reg dives further. Things really start to go wrong when Riko is captured by a Pokemon, and Genos Reg suddenly remembers he can fire a beam from his hand and saved her. Reg gets an identity crisis after realizing just how dangerous he is, but an even more serious problem than the Pokemons is that the strain of diving is getting onto Riko. Despite Reg having an uncontrollable laser beam, Riko accepts him for it.

made in abyss 5-4

Another thing that becomes clear is that the divers are really close to nature. Dead divers become food for creatures in the Abyss which in turn becomes food for the other divers. It’s the circle, the circle of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

made in abyss 5-3.png

It is also apparent how knowledgeable Riko is despite her seemingly happy-go-lucky attitude. Reg’s arms are also very useful, so useful that I don’t want to think about what will happen if it they malfunction. These episodes are from Reg’s view who’s in the same position as the viewer more or less.

made in abyss 6-1.png

I should also mention the Seeker Camp. It’s built in an upside-down tree, and the atmosphere around it is ominous. There’s also a creepy monster that Riko stumbled into, and her first reaction is to run and dive under Reg’s blanket. That shows she is still a child despite making it through so much danger. Reg’s fear of ghosts is also cute.

This is where the story goes even darker, the promising tone the first three episode assumes dissipates and replaced by the prospect that Lyza is presumably dead and there are things that are better left untold. Everything, especially Ozen, is trying to stop Riko from going deeper into the Abyss. Will she cave in or will she press forward for her friend’s sake? The sixth episode cuts just before Ozen is about to reveal the big secret.

made in abyss 6-2.png

Yet another great 3 episodes. The quality of the art hasn’t dropped one bit, and the atmosphere is getting tenser. There are great scenes and creepy monsters with moments of warmth and wonder mixed in, 10/10 from me.

What do you think of Made in Abyss? Let me know in the comments below!




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