Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Ep. 1 Review – The Revenant Howls in Darkness

“Tenrou 天狼”…heaven wolf? Oh it means Sirius.

tenrou ep 1-3.png

One scene characterization.

A bunch of badass vampire hunters came to Japan to hunt down some kind of vampire organization. Among them is a young man called Yuliy who seems to be angst about something all the time and likes flowers and sniffing…Okay that’s not the most accurate summary but it’ll do for now.

To be frank I don’t like stuff to do with vampires, but Tenrou caught my eye because…well, the MC’s name is Yuliy and he reminds me of Kiba from Wolf’s Rain. (Plus, I love wolves.) That got me so hyped I just dropped everything I was doing to watch it. And Yuliy is badass AF. Love this guy right now.

The background is really good. I recognize the Tokyo station immediately because I’ve been there twice, the anime nailed the details. (Well, the staff are in Japan after all…) As for other places, you could tell which country each scene is in just from the landmarks. History people could probably nail down the period the story took place in. The visual aesthetics of this episode is really good, no lazy shots to detect.

The staff went through the length of coordinating the battle SFX with the music. Good job. Music fits the scenes very well.

tenrou ep 1-4.png


Well, well, no matter how much I like it at this point, it is still the first episode. There are a bunch of anime that dropped in quality right after, so fingers crossed that Sirius will not be one of them because I think I love this anime already.


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