Amnesia: Memories – Kent Day 1

So we’re back to Amnesia business, this time it’s Kent.

The heroine wakes up and discovers that she got a lot of curt texts from a guy but never replied to him once. Suddenly, he asked her to meet at Meido no Hitsuji and Orion thought it was a breakup. Then comes the big problem: using a map (not Google Maps) to find the address…

Somehow she made it and now has to figure out who her boyfriend(?) is. And this guy showed up and started going like “if you have a problem with me swallow your damn pride and say it”. All that just to figure out why Mary Sue was upset with him before the amnesia, and then he kept talking in circles. Finally he gave up for the day but didn’t seem particularly angry.

What we learned from one conversation:

  1. Kent is the heroine’s math teacher or something like that
  2. Heroine was very forward and spoke whatever is on her mind
  3. Kent and Heroine are fighting over something
  4. Kent does not know shit about dating.

As a side note, after getting a bad end on the first playthrough I am not going to care what ending I’m getting and just choose whatever I want. Let’s see how this turns out.

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