Amnesia Memories: Shin Day 6-10

Sawa and Toma came over for a visit and they had a chat about the accident. I like that don’t need to worry about eliciting suspicion, since it’s already shot through the roof since the second day and nobody can put us in a hospital now with Shin around. Toma smoothed Sawa to tell her about the accident.

This was what happened: Shin, Sawa, and Mine went to Shinano for vacation. Marie went off somewhere with Shin at night, and she… fell off a cliff? *Ikki route flashback intensifies* Wait, Sawa said ‘koutsuujiko’ = ‘traffic accident’, why is it a cliff?

my reactions exactly

Marie had a flashback of Shin coming to her, but Sawa said that Kent and Ikki were the one that found her, not him. Toma also said that the testimony she and Shin gave to the police were different. Orion reassured her that Shin definitely wouldn’t push her off a cliff.

Another day at work.

After work, they had a small discussion about the day of the accident.

On that day, Sawa was crying, Toma lost his cool and ran off… and Mine heard some rumor that Shin’s dad killed someone. It was involuntary manslaughter, but still, Mine is super scared of him. She apologized for saying as if that made Shin a horrible person.

Shin came over the next day, and confirmed that he wasn’t the one who found her when she fell down the cliff. It was really Ikki and Kent. Shin remained at the lodge so that the police could easily find him. Their differing testimony was simply due to the fact that Shin didn’t want to talk about asking to go to her room that night, which made her run away from his teasing, and then she fell. He’s grateful that she cried and defended him, which got him out of the police’s suspicion.

His calmness is ultimately what saved her, since if he went searching for her in a panic instead of getting others at the lodge, she’d have died from blood loss. Thanks, Shin. Still, it doesn’t answer why Marie recalled Shin coming to her.

The owner of Shinanoji lodge (the one that Mine had a crush on back in Ikki’s route) came over to visit Marie. Despite coming all the way to check out how she is, this is his real motive:

Toma flatly denied, but then this popped up:

So Orion was like “uhhh so did you also propose to Shin when you were in kindergarten?” That aside, Marie received the guest list from the owner, since he thought she was trying to re-investigate the case and wanted to play detective too.

Toma came and check on her the next day. Shin dropped by mere seconds later. Marie suggested the three of them should hang out (I think this wasn’t a good choice lol), but Shin was like ‘nope’ and left. Toma came in and made coffee, heated food, and chatted. Turns out, Shin didn’t like Marie treating Toma as an equal, since Shin is her boyfriend now. Toma is all like ‘oh look at how much that boy has grown’.

Whose route am I playing again? Gosh, I can’t let my childhood crush with Toma get in the way of the good ending, although judging by the parameter so far I’m probably going to get the normal ending again anyway.

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