My Anime/Manga of 2019

It’s been an eventful year. My health hasn’t been the best for the past 3 or 4 months, but hopefully 2020 will be a great year. So now, here goes my list of 2019!

(And yeah, because I had a very bad flu and some sinus problems, I’m only releasing it now. My list is also really short this year because I’ve been studying like crazy….)

I’ve decided to add a new section this year, hopefully it’s better. Without further ado, let’s start off with…

Best Action: Dororo (2019)

Guy reclaims body parts.

But seriously, though, Dororo is such a good anime. Good writing, good animation, good characters, good theme songs and Hiroyuki Asada omg I love every part of it.

Reviews here.

Honorable Mention: Owari no Seraph SS2

Image result for owari no seraph season 2

Another vampire anime.

The sole reason I watched Seraph is because I like the green glow of the uniforms, period. While the beginning managed to grip me (and Krul and Shinoa are so cute), the school bits and the second season just made me sleepy. Yeah, sure, inner politics within the vampires and the Hiiragi family. Yeah, sure, finally get those weapons to function properly after 12 episodes. Yeah, sure. Seraph is not bad, it’s just that it doesn’t appeal to me as much as it did anymore.

Best Slice of Life (anime): Amanchu! (2016)

An anime about diving.

Amanchu is based on the manga of the same name, and the author is also the one who wrote Aria. The story focuses on the friendship between Futaba and Hikari, and their diving adventures. Amanchu is one of those animes that make you feel fluffy and warm inside. I’m sure a lot of people can relate with Futaba and the things she goes through.

Reviews coming soon.

Best Slice of Life (manga): Tetsugaku Letra

I got my book wet because I used a real flower…

Sad boy rocks hot red heels in flamenco.

By the same author who did the legendary Watashi-tachi no Shiawase na Jikan. Tetsugaku Letra is a story brought on by two pair of shoes. It’s a story about unrealized dreams and difficult childhood and broken hearts, and it’s a story about finding a path for yourself again. Although the final volume is a bit rushed, I definitely recommend this title for its story and elegant art.

Review coming soon.

Best Psychological (anime): Devilman Crybaby (2019)

Image result for devilman crybaby

If you have a childhood friend that suddenly reenters your life after having gone abroad on some weird research trip, don’t trust him/her.

So. Devilman Crybaby has weird running and weird faces and suddenly everyone is dead, but it’s so weird and so good.

Review here.

Best Psychological (manga): Hizamizawa Teiryujo – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Genten

Image result for hinamizawa teiryūjo

Beta Higurashi.

Although not as intense as the main story (or in this case, the final version), for a manga of this length, it’s got a lot of twists and turns and creep. And then you realize that in Higurashi, nobody is mentally stable.

(I started reading the Higurashi manga a long, long time ago but the publisher over here just wouldn’t organize their catalog properly. All I can find are certain volumes here and there and none of them are what I still have to read sheesh)

Best Drama (anime): Gunslinger Girl (2003)

You were expecting some loli stuff but instead you get action thriller that makes you question everything.

I am so sad for having not found Gunslinger Girl earlier in life lol. The anime does have a lot of realistic and detailed shoot-’em-up action, but what set it apart from others is the portrayal of the girls and their life. They are weapons, but they are girls, and they are expected to be professional killers while keeping a nice little girl masquerade. The relationship between the girls and their older male handlers in contrast to each other are so well done. Probably one of the most memorable anime I’ve watched this year.

Volume 1-15 of the manga went on sale, so I ordered 15 books for 338 baht (11.20 USD). Hope they arrive soooon

Honorable Mention: Shirahime Shou

Stories about the snow. Surprisingly sad, but hey, it’s CLAMP.

Best Comedy: Hoozuki no Reitetsu Season 2

More of Hoozuki’s coolheadedness and the weird and wonderful characters around him.

Throw everything you know about Japanese deities out the window, because Hoozuki no Reitetsu will change how you look at them. I mean, Hoozuki himself is already funny enough. That episode where the kids are named ‘Morale’ and ‘Messiah’ had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Also, Karashi is love.

Best Fantasy: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (2016)

I cannot figure out for the life of me why I hadn’t written anything about Grimgar on my blog. Initially, it was difficult to watch because of a lot of things (but after Goblin Slayer nothing can harm me), but once I gave it a chance, it’s good. Albeit being slow, Grimgar gives us a glance of what it would actually be like to be a bunch of normal people living in a fantasy world. Forge new friendships and find the strength to move on.

Best Soundtrack: Carole and Tuesday (2019)

“Nothing can break this army of two.”

It’s kinda obvious this one is going to be here, but I love the songs so much even though I don’t even listen to pop that often. This duo’s songs are so, so good and I love every one of them. Angela and the others also have really catchy songs.

Most Intense: Yakusoku no Neverland (2019)

How can I say this without spoiling anything?

If you like this kind of stuff, just go watch it. It’s worth your time. Promise.

Reviews here.

Anime of the Year: *drum roll* Children of the Sea (2019)

I met you on the night the stars fell.

A story of a summer, three children, and the ocean. The quality of the animation, the music, the everything, I love this movie so, so much. It’s gorgeous. It’s a feast for the eyes. (Although my dad fell asleep halfway through and my eyelids were droopy because I’m not used to seeing movies in theaters) I feel like this is the movie I’ve been searching for. No, I don’t understand it completely, but I don’t think it’s meant to be understood but to be experienced. It’s not a movie without flaws, but it works.

Finally, I can forget about this studio’s other movie, First Squad.

Other Random Awards:

Coolest Concept:

Image result for mirai no mirai

Magical tree gives 4-year-old the ability to time travel, among other weird stuff.

An anime that contradicts itself at times, featuring noisy baby kid and his younger teenage sister. I am actually glad I watched it on a plane, since Kun’s shouting is so painful to the ears. However, I do remember a time when I was being nonsensical to my parents like Kun was, and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to having a younger sibling. Best part of it was the scene where great-grandpa raced great-grandma. Overall, it was enjoyable, but felt like two different stories stitched together.

I like the summary where a four-year-old suddenly got a 16-year-old little sister. So Mirai no Mirai gets the reward this year.

WTF in General (anime): Knights of the Zodiac – Saint Seiya

Image result for knights of the zodiac saint seiya

I think you know why.

Reviews here.

WTF in General (manga): Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de

Love-hate like you’ve probably seen somewhere.

The manga was quite interesting, but I think this is meant for a niche audience so most of the time I question myself as to why I am reading this. It wasn’t bad, though. I think the story itself was good (and that ending, omigosh yes), but I can’t just understand the two main character sometimes.

WTF Ending (spoiler): Kono Shima ni wa Midara de Jaaku na Mono ga Sumu

I cannot even begin to describe how messed up and illogical this manga gets after what seemed like an interesting ‘crazy island’ trope thing at the beginning. It’s one of those titles I wished I dropped before it got any worse lol. Ancient aliens? An interstellar tree that makes women cum?

Honorable Mention: Jigoku no Alice

A manga that I don’t know if I am neutral to it, or I hate it but just don’t want to admit it.

The ending is not bad, it’s good, really good. It’s just that… like, seriously? It ends, just like that?

Wait, what? Moment (spoiler): Making 13 Babies – Mahou Shoujo of the End


Mahou Shoujo OTE started off as your average gorefest that is strangely fun, but then from season 2 onwards I don’t know if I should call it a good or bad kind of mess. Especially near the end where 4 people went into hiding in a cave in order to pump 13 baby girls total, and those bits with the second male protagonist who can turn into a huge devilman. But it’s got a surprisingly good ending.

Honorable Mention: Every Time Kagura Sniffs Mikono – Aquarion EVOL

When someone stinks in a good way… But like, Kagura’s tsuntsun moments are so damn awkward I don’t even understand the point of putting those kind of lines in the dialogue.

Review here.

Best Mom 2019: Ojiya (Dororo 2019)

Enough said.

Memorable Moments

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (2011) – Manigoldo Punches Thanatos in the Face

Image result for cancer manigoldo thanatos punch

In Sanctuary, death doesn’t come to you, you go to death.

This one is quite old, but satisfying nonetheless. Manigoldo is already a legend among Seiya fandom over here (to the point where he’s nicknamed Big boss/Papa) because he is the first one in the series to humiliate the God of Death by punching him in the face.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri: Unato Kessen (2019) – Look at this stone

Related image

It’s a sequel to Kabaneri, with all the glory of the episodes before the anime started rushing the story.

Unato Kessen is everything Kabaneri is supposed to be, minus the hot pink mess called Biba (I could do an entire post on him). The movie shows how Ikoma and Mumei are a team, and how they care for each other. That’s why the part at the end was sooooooo cute.

Carole & Tuesday (2019) – Galactic Mermaids

The song responsible for Carole and Tuesday’s 18+ rating

When in Mars, do as the Martians.

I don’t know whether this song is supposed to be a joke or a satire, but you gotta admit it’s catchy. And this song is the reason I started watching Carole and Tuesday after putting it off for so long. Effing BS, effings BS ⁓

Bokutachi no Ikita Riyuu’s spaghetti spitting scenes could fit in this section, but well, no haha….


I’ve finished two light novel series this year, SukaSuka and Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru, Sou Desu yo? And nope I’m not reading their sequels.

So that was my 2019. Thanks for visiting, and let’s have a great 2020!

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