Taisho Otome Otogibanashi Ep.2 Review – More fluff and melodrama

Oh my, here comes the puke scene.

After receiving a letter telling that he’s dead to the family, Tamahiko got really ill but recovered due to Yuzuki’s care. He then asked her to go on a trip to Tokyo together in order to get some replacement fabric for the kimono that he ruined.

I already knew Tamahiko’s family was toxic as hell but this is a great reminder. Tamahiko’s constant reminder to himself that he’s a pessimist is probably his way to protect himself. I think the reason he’s so hesitant to get along with Yuzuki and acted somewhat coldly toward her was that deep down, he’s afraid of being abandoned by Yuzuki as well, considering how his father treated him.

Watching Tamahiko warm up to Yuzuki was really nice. It’s also great that despite being so awkward and negative, he doesn’t act like a jerk to her (which is like, so much better than so many shoujo anime out there). Yuzuki’s patience and optimism is commendable, I hope one day we see more of her past and stuff. Shiratori Kotori probably appears waaaaay later on in the manga, I’m kind of surprised they brought her up so early on.

The music that played during their visit to Tokyo is so nostalgic, it reminds me of when I was a kid traveling to awesome places.

Episode 2 was okay. I like the fluff and everything. Looking forward to seeing the two mains warm up to each other more.

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