Touka Gettan Ep.1 Review: The End… wait what?

There are many ways you can start a story. You could start by showing the scene that kickstarted the plot. You could start by showing the climax or the ending, then go back and show how the story got there. Or, you could be like Touka Gettan and start by showing the end, and then go in reverse.

Reverse how? Imagine watching the last episode of an anime you essentially know nothing about. After than last episode, you watch the next to last episode just to get some more context, then the episode before that… and that’s basically Touka Gettan’s storytelling mode of choice.

Touka Gettan
so they kissed from the get-go.

Touka Gettan was adapted from an 18+ visual novel which looks vaguely interesting. The voice actors are different from those that voiced the game (so now it seems like a full blown yuri anime lol) Hayami Saori voiced the main girl in the anime while Ise Mariya voices Touka instead of Kishio Daisuke.

This series is (in)famous for being the ‘anime in reverse’. I’ve had it in my list for years but only felt like watching it now. I have mixed feelings about this experimental approach. Yes, it is innovative. I could see it working for some mystery thriller type of plot. But this one is fantasy drama.

From what I’ve gathered, the main guy has a sword in his body and can transport himself to another world. His mama has some sort of split personality. His girlfriend is dead. There’s a dude with a stone in his eye and the stone fell out. I have no fucking clue anymore.

The first episode felt like flipping to the last episode of an anime, and trying to piece the entire story from a bunch of scenes that didn’t really make sense until you already know what the story is about. There are so many dramatic scenes, but since I have not seen enough to care about any of the characters, they did not really have any of the intended emotional effects. It just felt like seeing a bunch of people going through their happy lives for no reason and watching the main MC cry over his dead girlfriend, whom we’ve never met and don’t care about that much, though she looks like a fun character.

Also, there is a sense of ‘resolution’ that accompanies last episodes. That feeling you get when you see the word ‘fin’, you know? I got that from watching this episode, and I’m not motivated to see the rest anymore because I feel like the anime has already ended. When I see that the two mains meet again in another world, I’m like: okay, yeah why would I want to watch 25 more episodes of slice of life when I already know its ending?

I’m still interested to see where this goes and how they go about telling the story. I want to see how creatively the writers can utilize their uniqueness. I do hope the story lives up to its creativity, though, because it doesn’t look that promising.

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