Wow. Netsuzou TRap.

Two girls each have boyfriends already, but they’re actually into each other. That might be the plot. I dunno. Maybe only one of them is into the other, but that one manipulated the hell out of the other one to make her think they’re in love.

Looking at Netsuzou TRap (from hereon abbreviated as NTRap) from an objective standpoint, I think it was a decent anime. The art is good. Music is generic but in no way bad. Voice acting is good. Character design is good. Sure, the story’s theme is controversial, but look at it this way: this is not a lewd yuri anime, it’s an anime about an abusive relationship presented in a sugar-coated way so that you don’t actually realize it’s abusive!

Maybe that’s the case or I’m just reading too much into it. Anyway, NTRap seems like an anime that sells an abusive relationship as yuri fanservice and then the audience can’t enjoy either the drama or the fanservice.

Just from the title, I know I’m getting into an NTR anime. But wow, even with mental preparation, wow.

This girl who’s in a toxic relationship with her cool guy boyfriend tried to do physical stuff with her friend, who is in a relatively healthy relationship with her own nice guy boyfriend, in order to convince the friend that she’s not actually in love with her nice boyfriend. So then she becomes toxic to her friend. Watching their interaction was not like watching yuri fanservice. It’s like watching a constant stream of sexual harassment scenes. A lot of manipulation went on. A lot of manipulation.

What is it with same sex relationships and consent in anime? I’ve heard this sexual harassment issue with other anime like Citrus and loads of yaoi. Is it supposed to be hot to not consent or something?

It’s not that bad. NTRap is just generic. I’ve seen worse anime. At least the plot of this one goes somewhere and ends somewhere conclusive. But wow, how did I even manage to finish this anime?

It’s been a while since I’ve finished NTRap, but I still remember that I want to forget I ever watched it. Even Kuzu no Honkai didn’t make me feel this way lol.

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