Taisho Otome Otogibanashi Ep. 5 – here comes Miss Ryou

Ahhhhh here comes the most difficult story arc to get through of Taisho Otome. Arghhhhhhhh

Anyway, for the first half, we have some family fluff between Tamahiko and Tamako. We see more of Tamahiko’s softer side. Tamako left for Kobe. It’s a good conclusion filled with warmth and fluff.

Tamahiko and Yuzu went shopping together, where they were spotted by Ryou, a girl living in the village near their house.

Ryou came in and did a bunch of horrible stuff. I’ve read the manga so I knew where it was going, but the things Ryou did in her story arc always left a bitter taste in my mouth even after everything was cleared up. True, she had her reasons, she had her drives, but that doesn’t excuse what she did. She knew she was going to destroy Tamahiko and Yuzu’s relationship, and yet she still went and did it. I don’t think explaining it with ‘poverty’ or ‘because she had went through something bad in the past’ could make her actions less horrible. As a character, Ryou is decent but as a person, I mean… I don’t know. She’s nice when she is, I would be her friend if I didn’t know any better, but why did she do that to Tamahiko…?

After that, I had this thought where I think about the story from Yuzu’s POV. Sure, the whole story is meant to be a fairy tale kind of fluff where the main girl luckily gets married to a decent man, but I’m not sure if it’s a healthy message. Is Yuzu trying to see every little good thing about Tamahiko to maker her situation more acceptable? Is she doing this because she knew she had no choice but to make the best out of the rest of her life here? There’s no hint that Yuzu isn’t happy in this household (until this episode, anyway) but I can’t help but think of disturbing stuff like that.

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