Taisho Otome Otogibanashi Ep. 3-4 – life is a fairy tale

Okay, I need to get caught up. I’m lagging behind the releases. Ugh, exams…

It’s episode 3 of Taisho Otome Fairy Tale. Tamahiko continues to warm up to Yuzuki. Tamako appeared and kicked up a storm in their house.

Aw it’s so cute how these two are so shy around each other awwwwwwww

Tamako kept throwing hurtful remarks at both Tamahiko and Yuzuki. Tamahiko retreated back into his shell, but Yuzuki nudged him out of it. I feel that everyone treated Yuzuki like a servant, and it’d be nice if that changes one day… Hey, things like this don’t have to depend on historical context. I think Tamahiko is perfectly capable of doing that.

Tamako is actually pretty interesting once she stops being a classic bitchy girl and gets some screen time and we understand where she’s coming from. It’s not an excuse for being mean, but at least she changes after she’s understood by others.

The more I watch, the more I see that Yuzuki is the best thing that could possibly ever happen to Tamahiko’s life. It’s nice to just kick back and relax and watch as they get closer to each other. I’m not looking for a deep, meaningful story from this anime because it’s suppose to be what the title is: a fairy tale. So I’ll take it as a fairy tale.

This anime is pretty light so I’m still enjoying it a lot.

Then comes episode 4. Summer arrived at the Shima residence, and it’s Yuzu and Tamahiko’s half-year anniversary. Yuzu fell ill and Tamahiko didn’t know what to do. Although he tried his best, he’s still clumsy and his self esteem took a nose-dive. Tamako assumes responsibility for taking care of Yuzu and realized how much she came to care for the older girl, which led her to her goal of becoming a doctor.

We see a snippet of Yuzu’s family and why she believes in Tamahiko despite the circumstances.

I like that part where when taking him to get Hitsumi soup, Yuzu grasped both of his hands. Not just his good one but also his limp one. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that’s like saying that she will embrace both his good and not good sides.

At this point, I don’t even know why Tamahiko still wants to be a pessimist. He already sees that Yuzu won’t be destroyed from his mistakes and that it’s okay to trust her.

The more I watch, the more I’m dreading Ryou’s story arc… which I felt could reverse any development we have. Let’s see if the anime decided to change anything.

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