Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Episode 11 – 12 Review

Sheesh, how long has it been since I last wrote a review for this series?

First off, I am sorry for misspelling the word “Ark” all along. Gosh, first it’s box, now it’s Ark, what is my problem with this…

The final two episodes of Tenrou wrapped up the story. Mikhail, under Yevgrav’s control, yanked the Ark away from Yuliy, and Tamara passed it on to Yevgrav. Yevgrav then killed Bishop and consumed the Ark, and transformed into a weird gargoyle. Because of his new strength, he no longer cared about curing rabies, causing Tamara to be disillusioned.

Prof. Willard snuck onto the vampire’s airship and helped fight the vampires. As gargoyle Yevgrav attempted to fly away, Mikhail helped his little brother defeat the man but lost his life in the process.

The MVP of these two episodes is definitely Mikhail, hands down, best big bro. He’s a bit of a stereotypical big bro obsessed with protecting his younger sibling, but the lengths he’s willing to go to is admirable. Mikhail went from being overprotective and yelling at his brother to supportive in the span of two episodes, and it didn’t feel forced. Yuliy showed Mikhail that he could take care of himself.

Also, it’s a little detail but I love how Tenrou does not show Mikhail disintegrating on screen to show that he ‘died a Sirius’ and was released from being a vampire. I don’t know if I read too much into it, but I think that’s what the writers were trying to show.

The other supporting casts did not have much of a role aside from Prof. Willard. That seaside scene was beautiful. I love the colors, had always loved the color design for Tenrou. And plus, Yuliy’s hair at the end, omigosh, he looks so good.

I’m not sure what PA Works is going to do with season 2 that’s coming sometime at the end of this year. While watching the show, I wanted a season two because there are so many interesting points that would not fit in one season, and the supporting casts had interesting back stories, but after seeing the ending… I felt that Yuliy had already ascended lol. His character arc is already over and done with, quite beautifully at that. (He went from angst smug puppy to god lol) If they left Tamara alive, I could imagine how the sequel would go, but now that she’s gone, I don’t know what’s going to happen in season 2. Maybe the story would focus on a different character, or maybe Yuliy would run into more things that would test his faith that he could coexist with other creatures.

Looking back on it, Tenrou wasn’t a spectacular anime. Although the technical stuff like the animation, directing, sound, and colors were really to my liking, the story wasn’t some 10/10 material. However, this is still an anime that I like a lot.

I guess that’s it for Sirius. Not a masterpiece anime but really did enjoy every moment of it.

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