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Primas: A Plot of Nightmare is a 2008 manga by Okazaki Tsuguo, and takes place in the HXL universe. Taking place in 1989, it follows the story of 10-year-old Hiroki, who unwittingly made a contract with Blue Flame Primas, a four-inch-tall fairy thingy with the capacity to destroy the entire universe.

This is an action/fantasy/sci-fi/comedy manga with old school art style, but what made it funny wasn’t the comedy aspect, it was that it was cringy in general lol.

The plot of Primas is as follow:

Hiroki is a 10-year-old boy who kept seeing nightmares, which annoyed his sister because she had to listen to him scream at night. However, the creatures from his nightmares started appearing in real life, possessing those close to him and led them to attack Hiroki. A four-inch fairy Devilman thingy by the name of Gazu then showed up, telling Hiroki that by making a contract, Hiroki would gain the power to drive away those nightmare creatures. The contract is simple: pull Gazu’s tail off.

While Hiroki hesitated, another mini fairy Devilman thingy showed up and drove Gazu away. His name is Primas, the seventh prince of Majamu, known as ‘Blue Flame Primas’.

Turned out that Hiroki had the ability to perceive ‘Majamu’, another world that had long existed and sealed itself off. Those who sign a contract with Majamu-ians will gain immense powers at the cost of their soul’s energy being drained away and their lifespan shortened. Sounds good if you really have something to accomplish before you die, right? But no, Majamu had to seal itself off because such a contract could cause the Majamu-ians and their contract partner to become so powerful they turn into a Satan and destroy the world they live in. Or, if they made a contract with one of the princes (ex. with Primas), they could become so strong, their Satan form could destroy the entire universe + multiverses.

Having explained that, Primas left, warning Hiroki to not make a contract with any small Devilmen he may come across. Hiroki took his warning to heart. However, Gazu showed up again and tried to use violence to force Hiroki into a contract. Primas came in and tried to subdue Gazu by incinerating him, but one of Hiroki’s friend was in Primas’s line of fire, so Hiroki had to stop Primas, unwittingly yanking Primas’s tail off and forming a contract in the process. (Hence, now he has the gemstone thingy on his forehead.)

Hiroki knew that his life would be shortened, but there’s no way to cancel the contract now. So, Hiroki used his newfound powers through Primas to help those around him. However, things start to turn for the worse when the Majamu-ians realized one of their princes formed a contract, so they tried to seal Hiroki + Primas away forever in order to stop them from becoming a Satan.

The eldest Majamu prince, the ‘One-Eyed Satan’, learned that his youngest bro formed a contract, so I guess he tried to take over the universe before his little bro does? Anyway, Hiroki used so much of his powers trying to fight the eldest prince that he had little time and stability left before turning into a Satan himself. However, there was one last way: he and Primas had to stabilize the resonance between different parallel worlds, and they could avoid ending the universe. And so they did. And I assume they succeeded because at that point I was confused as hell.


This manga is chronologically first in the HXL series, so I’m guessing Majamu has something to do with the Knockers, or else why would this manga even be part of the series?

The mangaka is already, like, 70 years old, I guess? So there’s a lot of older manga tropes and the art looks really old-school. I like Primas’s facials, though; that guy looks like a prince charming but he’s funny as hell. And I like his body suit a lot more than SEIRU’s.

I would have liked this manga more if the second volume isn’t all about parallel world, Satan, resonance physics wave form jargon. I felt like I was reading a textbook, considering how much text there was on a single page.

I don’t know the target audience for this manga. The first half appeals to young boys, but this second half is incomprehensible. Okay, I get that they wanted to explain how Primas managed to avoid destroying the universe without pulling the Deus Ex Machina card, but come on, does the explanation really have to span half the volume?

I have mixed feelings. On one hand, there are things I like about the manga, but on the other hand, it feels a bit too old for my tastes, plus I didn’t like the second half despite the ending being okay. I won’t recommend this manga unless you want to see how weird it can get.


2 thoughts on “Primas: A Plot of Nightmare (HXL) – bonutzuu’s (obscure) manga archive”

  1. Hmm, I think I’ve read weirder manga, but this sounds like it’s pretty weird. But sometimes I really like old school stuff, so I might try this one out anyway. This really sounds like the kind of manga I would only buy if I saw it in a used book store. Like, there is a used book store near where I live that has one dollar manga on a clearance rack, and I often find weird little manga gems there.

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