Youjo Senki Shokudou – soldiers gotta eat too, so Tanya the Evil samples fine(?) wartime meals (bonutzuu’s manga archive)

Youjo Senki Shokudou is a spinoff manga of Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil), focusing on the character’s daily lives (kinda like the Youjo Shenki shorts). This should be one of those educational comedy manga that kids are encouraged to read lol.

Anyway, in Shokudou, Tanya takes us to sample the food she eats in her daily life as a soldier, from gross canned rations to delicious potato pancakes.

It’s just a short, light read, so I don’t have much to comment. The story is episodic comedic shorts, and you can read it to take a break from the tension in the main story. We get to see Tanya’s more laid-back side, and see her getting worked up over trying to get desserts to eat. I don’t usually find Tanya’s discrepancy between what she thinks and how others perceive her funny, but in Shokudou, it’s actually funny.

What I really like about this manga is that it included interludes about real historical wartime meals written by an expert in the field, so not only are you getting some enjoyment reading this, you’re also learning something.

The author of this manga (Kyouichi) is familiar with the Youjo Senki anime, and collaborated with Youjo Senki author Carlo Zen and the original manga author Toujou Chika on this work. The comedy of Youjo Senki is there, and the art style is kind of similar to Youjo Senki’s manga adaptation as well, so if you’re a fan of this series, you can try reading Shokudou.


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