Amnesia Memories: Shin day 16-20

After two years of forgetting about the game, I’m back to playing Amnesia!

Marie couldn’t concentrate, and she decided to walk home with Toma. She treated Toma like an ordinary guy, not like a brother, so he felt weird.

The next day, they went over to see Ikki and Kent. Ikki was being his usual self.

Kent detailed what happened that night. First, they turn on every light in the building so if she was awake, she would know which direction to head to. Kent calculated the fall trajectory and went with Ikki to look at all possible sites.

Marie was unconscious when both of them found her. Apparently, Shin also called them earlier to ask if she was conscious. In the end, they didn’t know what the flashback of Shin finding her was.

Marie walked home with Toma later. He told her that he and Shin stopped getting along because Shin was hard on her about the band. However, they haven’t been getting along for a while before that. Shin and Toma had totally different ways of caring for her, and that drove them apart.

Shin was finally released temporarily, so he came over to see Marie, and he really missed her. They discussed the clues they each found. Shin got some information from the police, and so he plotted something with the owner of the lodge in order to get more evidence.

Shin had an idea who the culprit may be (I’m so clueless at this point, everyone is so sus lol), so he needed to get back to Shinano and gather evidence from the site of the incident. So, the owner proposed to have the whole team (ie. everyone who was at the lodge on the day of the incident) revisit Shinano in order to ‘prove Shin’s innocence’.

Marie is anxious about the trip, because she might be attacked again, but the day of the trip arrived anyway.

Sooooo looking at my parameters at this point, I think I’m headed for the normal end again lol. Never mind, choosing what you want and seeing the results is part of the fun.

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