Amnesia Memories: Toma Day 1-5

Haiyaaaaaaa it’s now time for my Onii-chan’s route. I’m sort of excited and anxious at the same time. My capacity for reading yandere stories went down tremendously in the past few years, so fingers crossed I’ll make it through his route.

I first watched the Amnesia anime in 2013, and nine years later, my fav character is still Toma nii-chan. Toma is infamous even among people who haven’t seen Amnesia. I show pictures, and my friends would say ‘oh, the cage dude?’ I still like him despite that cage thing. Yeah. It’s almost painful.

I still remember that when the COVID-19 pandemic first started, the Amnesia team gave out a picture of Toma’s bedroom (with the cage) for people to use as their Zoom background. I used it in one of my classes, and no one got the reference. That’s probably for the best lol.

Anyway, let’s jump right into the game!

Right after entering the Diamond World, MC collapsed, and a man rushed to MC’s aid. MC immediately recalled that this man was Toma, someone who promised to protect her no matter what. That memory pushed Orion off so far that she’s straight out not able to see him anymore.

Toma shoved MC into a taxi and together, they went to the hospital. Toma answered all of the doctor’s questions in her place, helped take her temperature, and went to get her insurance card for her. However, he denied being her boyfriend.

Orion thought it was good to get a thorough health checkup. After the tests were done, MC tried to check her phone, but she didn’t have it on her.

Things started to look bad when the MRI machine broke and MC had to stay in the hospital for two nights with zero stimulation. Her condition worsened so bad that she could see Orion again. Luckily, the MRI machine got fixed, and she got the OK to leave. Toma came to pick her up and drop her home.

Orion noted that Toma was acting kinda sus, checking her mail for her when the mailbox was right next to them, getting her a new phone in place of the one that supposedly broke, and being the only one to visit her during her hospital stay… But suspicion goes both ways, since I maxed out his suspicion gauge right away looooool.

MC straight up told him that she lost her memories, and Toma panicked. Later, Shin came over to see her, and was not pleased that Toma hid the fact that she was hospitalized for days.

Red flags much? Anyway, the two dudes thought that she shouldn’t be left alone right after coming back from the hospital in case anything happens, so they fought about what to do. MC asked Toma to stay over so Shin could go back to studying. Shin disagreed because he thought Toma was dangerous. In the end, both of them let her get some rest alone. Before leaving, Shin told her to boss Toma around as she pleases and leave he himself alone.

The next day, MC and Orion searched the house over. They found a notebook with the word “Mei” written here and there but didn’t know what it meant, and they found that MC met with “Ikki” quite often this last month, and quite a few times at a ‘back alley’.

Toma came over for a visit, and MC asked him to take her to said ‘back alley’. The two went for a walk and chatted along the way.

Toma used to joke about how she would be cuter if she talked less, but now that she really did talk less, it doesn’t make him happy.

They arrived at the back alley. It’s just an ordinary alley, but because MC called every other alley ‘rear alleys’, Toma remembered where this particular alley was. MC almost immediately recalled that she had a talk with someone here about relationship stuff. MC liked someone, but that person didn’t think of her as a normal girl (as in doesn’t see her as a potential romantic partner).

When she came back to the present, she got so pale and collapsed. Toma was worried and wanted to take her back to the hospital, but MC asked if he was the one she liked. He said yes, and MC was relieved that he saw her as a normal girl after all.

I’m surprised that MC talks this early into the game. Usually, she doesn’t say anything until a major memory comes up on day 20++ something. It’s a nice change.

Anyway, Toma’s route is looking pretty nice. I’m optimistic about all this. I can’t believe it’s been nine years since I first knew of Amnesia and I still like this crazy guy with a mighty huge red flag fluttering above his head lol. Arghhh my heart.

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