What is this blog all about?


Welcome to my first blog! My name is Bonus.



Are you interested in anime or manga? Visual novels? Horror RPG games? Yes? If so, you’re at the right blog.

There are numerous number of stories out there, and there are good overlooked ones out there too. I can point you to some of them. Anime is what I love, so I will be enjoying you, fellow anime lover, and your company very much.

For me, I started watching anime since I was 4 on a TV at home. I deci067ded to start this blog because of the IT lesson in my school. Expect random things here, from anime stuff to visual novels. My nationality is Thai. This blog is a place where I will post stuff that is of my interests, and where all of the things I like come together. My hobbies are reading, watching anime, drawing, writing, and playing games.My favorite genres are mystery, action, supernatural, horror…and sometimes others too. I watch a wide variety of things.

If you’re curious what kinds of thing you can see on here, I’ll tell you. This blog will be mainly about animes I watched and would like to recommend, mangas I think are good, games that I like and want to review, and visual novels I make. More contents will be updated as I continue to post, so stay tuned

 http://myanimelist.net/profile/bonutzuu This is my anime list profile. It contains most of the anime and most of the manga I’ve watched and read.


Nice to meet you 😀

For now…




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