Amnesia Memories: Toma Day 1-5

Haiyaaaaaaa it’s now time for my Onii-chan’s route. I’m sort of excited and anxious at the same time. My capacity for reading yandere stories went down tremendously in the past few years, so fingers crossed I’ll make it through his route.

I first watched the Amnesia anime in 2013, and nine years later, my fav character is still Toma nii-chan. Toma is infamous even among people who haven’t seen Amnesia. I show pictures, and my friends would say ‘oh, the cage dude?’ I still like him despite that cage thing. Yeah. It’s almost painful.

I still remember that when the COVID-19 pandemic first started, the Amnesia team gave out a picture of Toma’s bedroom (with the cage) for people to use as their Zoom background. I used it in one of my classes, and no one got the reference. That’s probably for the best lol.

Anyway, let’s jump right into the game!

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Amnesia Memories: Shin Normal and Bad Endings

I misspelled ‘bad’ as ‘bed’. No, Amnesia does not have bed endings.

Anyway, I went back and changed some of my choices to see what happens. First, I changed my choice of suspect from *spoiler* Toma to Shin, and he replied with a ‘yeah figures.’ This change in attitude on the MC’s part affected the conversation with Toma at the park the following day. He said something along the line of ‘it makes my heart all tingly that I’m able to go back to being your older brother’.

This time, Shin did not have much time to ransack Toma’s house for evidence and had to hurry back.

MC chose to study with Shin, and he mentioned that she was his inspiration to study hard and get a scholarship.

The confrontation between Shin and Toma happened the same way, but instead of recalling that she mistook Toma for Shin and that Toma was the one who pushed her to the rock, her denial was so strong that MC refused to acknowledge the memory and buried it again. Toma told the other two to just think of it as an accident. Shin wasn’t too happy, though; he didn’t want to pretend nothing happened, but he didn’t want MC to think that he’s trying to ruin her relationship with Toma either.

Orion didn’t think that what happened to MC at the bottom of the cliff was an accident, but there’s nothing they could do now.

Three weeks passed, and Shin asked for a breakup. He knew that her memory loss and what happened with Toma was affecting her, and he wanted to break up so that they can start over again. He and Toma would be on equal grounds then, and whoever wins her heart over again this time can do it without any regrets. MC was like ‘oh? Come and get me, then.’ (Loool I love her when she said that)

That was the good end. TBH I also really like this ending, because it resolves Shin’s guilt about not realizing Toma’s feelings for the MC, and despite having doubted Shin before, MC is regaining her trust in him just like in the good ending.

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Amnesia Memories: Shin Good Ending (Day 26-31)

Shin and Marie went to see Toma, but he took a car somewhere. Marie decided to go watch a movie with Shin, and they had a pretty nice time together afterwards.

The next day, Shin setup a meeting with Toma after work. Toma met Marie at work, and he remarked on how she chose Shin again even after she lost her memories. Marie brushed it off, and after work was done, they went to meet up with Shin.

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Amnesia Memories: Shin day 21-25

Recap: Before the amnesia, somebody pushed MC (I’m calling her Marie) down a cliff, and Shin is the most sus. Therefore, the whole crew goes back to the mountains to gather evidence that Shin is innocent.

I have no idea why Shin always sounds like he is talking on 1.25x speed. I checked my settings and there’s nothing wrong. Huh.

Anyway, the group arrived at Shinano. Rika started bickering with Shin, and Toma came in to stop the fight. Rika tried to leave with Ikki, but he and Kent were like ‘why’d you assume Ikki would leave with you?’ Ukyo came along as well, as the final guest.

Shin and Marie had their strategic discussion after arriving at the lodge. Given the circumstances of what happened during the incident, Ukyo wasn’t suspicious although both barely know anything about him.

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Amnesia Memories: Shin day 16-20

After two years of forgetting about the game, I’m back to playing Amnesia!

Marie couldn’t concentrate, and she decided to walk home with Toma. She treated Toma like an ordinary guy, not like a brother, so he felt weird.

The next day, they went over to see Ikki and Kent. Ikki was being his usual self.

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Chimeraland Review – ambitious game, but not my thing

Chimeraland is a survival fantasy open-world game where you play as one of the game’s various races and just kinda… live life, I guess.

This game manages to be captivating yet annoying at the same time. There are many systems in the game, and I will give my opinion on some of them.

That’s me incubating my new pet.

Character Creation

FURRIESSSSSS—-ahem. Excuse me. This game has the most extensive character creation I’ve seen in any game ever, and also gives a lot of freedom. You can make your character into anything from pretty young ladies to Eldritch abominations. And, you can choose your own voice for your character! Lives up to the advertisement. My favorite part of the game, honestly. The devs put a lot of effort into this one aspect of the game, and it really shows.

(not my video, just thought this is the coolest I’ve seen so far)
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Norn9 Vars Common Mobile – first impression review

I will do a review on the Norn9 mobile free version, since the full version is not available in my region.

Norn9 is an otome game that follows a bunch of teenagers with supernatural abilities as they journey across the globe in a mysterious flying ark in order to reach ‘The World’, a peacekeeping organization with unknown goals. The World’s existence is top secret, so naturally, these teenagers’ journey has to be strictly confidential… however, the crew soon realized they have two more people than they were supposed to be carrying (not including Sorata), and because of that, there may be enemies among their ranks.

Which one of them are actually fakes who snuck on board?

Back in 2016, I wrote a review for the Norn9 anime (which is this one). I think many of the comments I wrote there still holds for the game.

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Bye, King’s Raid – just another King’s Raid post

So I’ve decided to leave a game I’ve been playing for 5 years. What happened?

It’s normal to grow sick of a game, but after staying with it for so long, that game becomes a habit and a part of life. It becomes harder to quit after investing so much of your time (and perhaps money) into the game.

But I feel like after so long, my love for this game has died out completely. The only thing stopping me from quitting for the longest time was my weekly guild raid runs, and even that felt really tedious. I’m no longer excited for new content or balance patches that the players have been asking for since forever. I wrote a lot of guides for the game, including beginner’s guide, content guide, and all heroes overview, and one day I just don’t feel like updating them with new info anymore.

For a while I’ve felt like the first line of QUEEN BEE’s Kaen, Dororo‘s opening theme. ‘Party is over, but I still want to dance.’ The party is King’s Raid.

It’s not the lack of new content or the lack of communication between Vespa and the players, it’s just that I’m so tired with the game’s instability and repetitiveness, and trying to keep up with the META that changes with every patch (most of them are new heroes that old players like me haven’t saved enough resources to build lol). I haven’t built half of the heroes I wanted to build, but I don’t feel like it anymore when I know that the heroes I built will probably be useless.

King’s Raid was ‘a game you play with love’, as they like to advertise themselves back during the open beta in 2016. The Vespa staff on the Thai side were super friendly and engaging with the player community. This died out when King’s Raid expanded (the staff were replaced by bots), and died completely when JP server launched. Events after that just became ‘for JP whales’ and the other servers were pretty much just secondary. This is completely normal, you treat people with money better, sure, but at least don’t trigger the Korean players’ rage so much… (Notably the fanart and hero design contests. Vespa never had another one because almost every entry that made it past the first round were JP, only one from TW/HK server I think? It’s okay if the quality of the work was actually superior but I feel that there were so many good works from other servers that just flew under the radar)

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Stray Cat Doors Review

Stray Cat Doors is a game where you solve puzzles and unlock doors. It’s the story of a girl and a bunch of cats.

The puzzles start off super easy, but gets harder as you go on, to one point I had to consult a walkthrough.

The game has a warm color tone and the aesthetics is super cute. The story is heart-warming yet a bit sad at the same time.

If you want a relaxing puzzle game, Stray Cat Doors is a good choice.

That’s it. Don’t ask me why this review is so short, I don’t have a lot to say lol.

Is offline Hoshinari Echoes still worth playing?

TLDR: Not really.

50 years ago, towers appeared all over the world. Inside them are weird monster-thingy called Jammers, and they attack people (ooh, scary). Those who got too close ‘crystallizes’ into a stone-gem thingy… except for ‘Scepters’, people who can enter and destroy these towers. It’s said that if you reach the top of a tower, you get one wish granted (I think, didn’t fully understand that part).

Hoshinari Academy is a place where Scepter cadets are trained. The player joined this academy as a teacher because s/he has the ability to increase the resonance between different Scepters, which will make them stronger. Aaaand the story begins.

I played this game just to practice my Japanese, but I kind of got addicted to the gameplay, and I am kind of sad it has to go.

What’s the game like now?

yuto being a cute cat boy

Hoshinari Echoes ‘was’ a tower busting game with addictive gameplay and very cute minigames. The characters are very endearing and a lot of work and details went into the game. However, the offline version lacks a lot of what makes the game what it is. The game is now just a long, long visual novel without an actual ending.

What used to be live 2D is now replaced by not even a sprite, but just a wall of text. CGs just pop up in the middle and not even in full screen. Thankfully, the voices are still there. Not so thankfully, this game is actually partially voiced.

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