Amnesia Memories: Ikki Memories

80.pngThis extra part covers what Ikki told the heroine about their relationship after she confesses that she has amnesia.

There isn’t much going on. Ikki just goes off about how cute the heroine is and what he might’ve done for her if she had told him earlier. Ikki teaches the heroine how to put sugar in a cup of tea and draw a little heart in it as a finishing touch (I can’t seem to imagine drawing a heart in a teacup…) Because she’s so cute he just wants to spoil her because he caused so much trouble during the game and confesses his weaknesses. In hopes to win over her heart, he wishes to do everything to be with her forever. The End. Continue reading


Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Intro]

***This is a fan translation of the Thai novel ‘Zombie Kiss’. It will be taken down immediately per request of the original publisher (punica). Otherwise, enjoy reading!***

Zombie Kiss

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Zombie Kiss 2: Love, Desire, Vengeance

When endless ‘desire’ birthed a ‘love’ that costs lives

A beautiful bride’s carcass

Enchants all whom she meets

But underneath her beauty

Is a curse that brings tragedy

“She will eat when we do not see, when we see, we will…”

“Angel’s Corpse”




This world is my laboratory.

To me,

Watching humans struggle

Is similar to observing lab animals.

But humans are different from animals.

They do not only struggle to survive.

They are ravish, envious, determined, destructive, and murderous.

Humans only struggle for one and only one thing.

Their “desires”.



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Plans for March-April Book Fair

This has nothing related to the usual stuff I do on this blog, but I shall make this to-buy book list for the sake of showing everyone that I do not only read scanlations but I also support the author where available. Eh…not that anyone has commented on that, but anyway! (I feel guilty reading scanlations, that’s what.)

So if you’re planning to visit Thailand…well, the books are all in Thai so I don’t even know what you plan to do if you’re going to the book fair. But hey, you’re always welcomed!

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Youjo Senki Ep 6-7 Review: Jingo Loli Strikes Again

Faith… With strong faith, one’s heart is invincible…even though your body ain’t.


The concept of ‘faith’ seems to play a role in Youjo Senki’s main theme. The battle between the atheist vs. the believer was the highlight for me. It shows Tanya’s apathy towards the enemy, and the reason why the show’s titled “Tanya The Evil”. But why…why does a guy who prays wholeheartedly lose to a cruel little girl who god happens to hate?

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Amnesia Memories: Ikki Day 6-10

Since before the Amnesia you’re a workaholic who arranged a 6-day week together with Ikki, Orion wonders why you need so much money. Also, you and Ikki have 19th-21st off. What’s with that?

You go to work as usual, and a lady asks to get a photograph plus autograph, then wants to take you home?! She’s your friend from college who dropped by (I thought she was a fanclub! Dang!) She talked to you nonstop and Ikki came to stop her babbling, but then this happened.


Ikki recognized her as Sawa, your friend. Hey Sawawa, why you have to get flustered at my boyfriend? Is he really an incubus? Hey… Sawa then went on about love at first sight, which Ikki went along with. Hey, you hitting on my boyfriend? Sawawawa, you’re not making very good first impressions here! Just before things get more awkward, Ikki walked behind her so that she can no longer see his eyes. Sawawawawa went back to normal right away. One more important piece of information!15.png

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Amnesia Memories – Ikki Day 2-5

Second day, he walked you to work as promised. On the walk, he treats you really nicely and try to make small talk all the time. When you look at him, he actually appears like a good boyfriend…still, Orion doesn’t trust him yet.

We’re introduced to our coworker Shin (who appears to be our senpai at work but is younger than us) and the place you work at is called… Maid no Hitsuji? Why’re you working in a Maid&Butler cafe?!

And then you got to meet the manager…


Okay, weird guy.

Then soon after, first group of customers come in!!!! They bombarded you with orders but luckily I jotted them down lol. Obviously you don’t remember how to do anything so Ikki taught you. Then, you recalled the first time he taught you, so wolla you got a memory back.


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