Amnesia Memories: Toma Day 11-15

Toma was sneezing while he slept, so MC wanted to tuck him under the blanket properly. However, just as she did that, Toma pulled her under the blanket with him.

She recalled that in kindergarten, she couldn’t nap during the day because she wanted to go see her onii-chan in the other class. Toma heard her crying and came over, and brought his sleeping mat so that they could nap together in the same room.

Back to the present. Toma woke up with MC in his arms, and he talked about how big she’s grown compared to when they were little, then he let her go.

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SEIRU (HXL) – bonutzuu’s (obscure) manga archive

“There’s a heaven for robots, right? If that’s so, then I’ll be going ahead. See you there.”

SEIRU is a two-volume manga about a boy android trying to save his mama from the bad guys. The android’s name is Seiru, and together with his partner Kitty, he can morph into a battle android and save the day!

SEIRU is by Akara Arisato and Nem Mukudori, with concept design by Nobuteru Yuuki.

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Mili – the secret song in Miracle Milk (Shitty Flowers) and hints on cracking the code

I really, really need to thank this person for giving us the information that there’s a hidden song. I’ve had the album for about two years and I never knew there was a secret code.

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Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan Review (+Historical background on the story)


After the success of 9 Satra comes another Thai animated film produced by Rangsit Universtiy, Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan (Krut: the Himmaphan Warriors/ครุฑ มหายุทธ หิมพานต์), 4 years in the making. While not as heavily promoted, I think this is a good movie. Not great, but good.


The kingdom of Ayutthaya flourished under the rule of Kinnara, the bird people, until after a bloody war, the Garuda had taken it from them. The Kinnara were enslaved until one day, King Kinnaracha freed and brought his Kinnara people on an exodus to Himmaphan, a peaceful forest at the edge of the world. 200 years later, the Garuda at Ayutthaya were invaded by the Raksos giants, the fierce and vicious living flamethrowers with nothing else in their mind but killing. Cornered with nowhere else to run, the handful remaining Garuda were forced to flee to Himmaphan, where the Kinnara people live, with their only goal being to take back Ayutthaya…

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The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra Review (+ a brief history of Thai animation)

Come to Thailand this past week and no doubt you’d have run into a poster of 9 Satra, the new and booming Thai animation with a budget of 230 million baht. The reason this movie is the talk of the town isn’t because of the budget or because it’s something made by Thai people. The movie itself is a real deal.

Official Website:

9 Satra is available in both English sub and dub. (The sub is accurate, and the dub has really good feedback, some say the ENG dub is better than the Thai dub.)


9 Satra is the story of Odd, a humble and sweet young man destined to save the Kingdom of Ramthep from Yaksas, ogres who enslaved and kill humans for no apparent reason. Odd’s mission is to bring the “9 Satra”, a weapon used with the arts of Muay Thai, to the Prince of Ramthep in order to free the kingdom. Accompanying him are the sassy&badass sky pirate caption Xiaolan, first prince of the fallen monkey kingdom Vata, and a Yaksas in exile Asura (Crimson Ogre). However, the King of the Yaksas, Dehayaksas, will not let his rule of the kingdom get shaken by a mere boy…

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Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Magical Girl Raising Project) Review

Magical Girls Raising Project is… I’m gonna drop the bomb here… Surprise, surprise, this is an anime about a bunch of cute girls killing each other off for survival.

Rest assured, I have not seen Madoka so this review will not be comparing this anime to Madoka in any way, shape, or form.

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