Made in Abyss Ep. 4-6 Review: Genos Reg to the Rescue!

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Reg and Riko are in the Abyss part of the Abyss, and things start to get serious despite how optimistic the whole journey seemed in the first place. The dangers become obvious: nobody’s there to help them if things go wrong. They are not in the orphanage any more. People seem to support them despite being complete noobs because they saw it coming since she was young. I didn’t think they would let her off so easily, though… Continue reading


Made in Abyss Ep. 1-3 Review: time for an adventure!

As I watched Made in Abyss, the feeling that washed over me was nostalgia…yes, a wave of nostalgia.

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There exists a giant hole called the Abyss, where dangerous monsters lurk and ancient relics wait to be discovered. Nobody has ever seen the bottom, and no one who descends too deep makes it back alive. Riko’s mother is a White Whistle, the best of explorers who dive the Abyss. The little girl aspires to be just like her mother, and after a fateful encounter with a mysterious boy Reg who seems to come up from the Abyss’s depths, the two set on a journey. Continue reading

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Magical Girl Raising Project) Review

Magical Girls Raising Project is… I’m gonna drop the bomb here… Surprise, surprise, this is an anime about a bunch of cute girls killing each other off for survival.

Rest assured, I have not seen Madoka so this review will not be comparing this anime to Madoka in any way, shape, or form.

Okay, I’ve calmed down somewhat. I finished this anime months ago. I still remember most of its story and what I feel about it. I rewatched parts I don’t remember, so…here goes. Continue reading

Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls! Review – WTF did I just watch

Can we call this an anime? Although Naria Girls is not as brutal to watch as Pupa, I find it really…weird.

In Pupa it started off okay but went off into incest masochism. Naria girls started off okay but went into talk show mode with irrelevant plot details and poor story telling (by poor I mean very, very, very terrible). But unlike Pupa, it does not attempt to take itself seriously at all, talking about topics from nose hair to Full Metal Alchemist. One of the most entertaining aspect of Naria Girls is that it pokes fun at most of the Mahou Shoujo anime to ever exist.

Continue reading