Amnesia Memories: Shin Day 6-10

Sawa and Toma came over for a visit and they had a chat about the accident. I like that don’t need to worry about eliciting suspicion, since it’s already shot through the roof since the second day and nobody can put us in a hospital now with Shin around. Toma smoothed Sawa to tell her about the accident.

This was what happened: Shin, Sawa, and Mine went to Shinano for vacation. Marie went off somewhere with Shin at night, and she… fell off a cliff? *Ikki route flashback intensifies* Wait, Sawa said ‘koutsuujiko’ = ‘traffic accident’, why is it a cliff?

my reactions exactly
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Amnesia Memories: Shin Day 2-5

Shin came to wake Marie up before 9, being such a disciplinary man he is. Turns out, today is their one-year anniversary. Marie asked him to get her a cake and he’s like ‘nope you’ll get fat.’

And then 3 seconds later, this happened:

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Amnesia Memories: Shin Day 1

Orion went on and on about being locked up in a hospital (like Kent’s bad end) but Marie woke up in the hospital first thing. She had injuries all over her body. Shin barged in and kissed her. Orion was like ‘sry i need a break’ and told her that even though he might be her boyfriend, she should resist if she doesn’t like it.

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Amnesia Memories: Kent Day 26-31 (Normal End)

Last days!

Mary Anne remembered everything, and talked the dog issue over with Kent. He apologized about the dog and apologized for making her cry. The heroine forgot about Orion, but she remembered his words that Kent is kind and forgave Kent. Kent was like “I’ll treasure you.” Sheesh, that line…

Sawa and Mine came over. Oh and I just found out that “sawagashii” means noisy, maybe that’s why they named Sawa “Sawa” lol

Mine was like ‘yo it’s like you two are already married, Kent-san is not staying over or anything right?’ and Kent was like ‘bitch pls leave’ and Mine was like ‘wait let me hear the juicy details!’

And about Ukyo… Mine heard that he fell from the roof of a mansion where you can see inside Mary Anne’s hospital room, and died. They had no way of confirming, but it’s probably him.

On the last day, Kent and Mary Anne went for a walk. He asked her to wait one year for him to come back and of course she agreed.

Three weeks went by. They (tried to) say goodbye. Kent was really reluctant and needed confirmation that she’d really be missing him. She said she’ll be lonely and that he should come back soon.

Best line 2019
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Amnesia Memories: Kent Day 6-10 (+how to solve the math workbook questions + answers)

Orion and Mary Sue did a perfect job at work (finally) and Mine seems to have issues with it.

And why is it that I have never noticed the irony in the title… the game’s name is “Amnesia” yet the tag line is “Memories”. Once I think about it, that’s just so weird.

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