Amnesia Memories: Kent Day 2-5

Kent suggested Mary Sue go see him. She went over to borrow a manual from her part-time workplace and got on the manager’s good side for her desire to learn and better herself even though she has already been working 4 months. On the way back, she met Kent.

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Amnesia Memories: Ikki day 26-31 (Bad end 3) + Replay for all endings

Warning: this post covers every ending. It’s gonna be looooooooooooooong.

Ikki asks for a breakup. The heroine and Orion goes home.

Meanwhile, Ikki and Ken talks about going to the beach. It is revealed that the heroine is Ikki’s first love whom he’s been chasing after for ten years.


Yay I got the bad ending!

Replay for good end:

Turns out I have to go back to the second day and fix many of the minor choices I made, particularly those that makes me sound more serious about the relationship. An example of a scene I missed is this holding hands scene from day 8


Ukyo also gives a good warning on day 11 to be wary of bad people…


Ikki hears about that and goes to ask Ukyo about what he talked about with the heroine. Orion praises him for acting when he thinks his girlfriend is in danger. Ukyo’s talk also made Ikki aware that his fanclubs might seriously be thinking of harming the heroine. Continue reading Amnesia Memories: Ikki day 26-31 (Bad end 3) + Replay for all endings

Amnesia Memories: Ikki Day 16-20

I’ve abandoned this series for a long time, but now I’m back.

Because you’ve been pretty much useless, on the 16th day the boss gives you a round of basic training (more like a modified military bootcamp training), and you’re pretty much done by the end of the day. Ikki even teased you about it.

After he dropped you home, he called to check on you. He said to hold the phone until you go to bed, so the heroine tells him to bugger off and respect her privacy, and he said okay. After that, I beat 3 people at rock-paper-scissor and air hockey, then called Ikki back. He said he had something to talk about and suddenly decided against it.

36 tell that to every otome game heroine.png

He approaches you the day after about the same thing, only to brush it off the same way. Later that night, he calls you on the phone while drunk. The heroine is worried and went over to check if he’s not drowning in a ditch or anything, and end up visiting his room. Orion is unsure whether the heroine would’ve done something like this before she lost her memories. A moment of awkward silence passed, and Ikki suddenly hugs her and tell her to stay with him for the night.


The heroine asks him what made him so wonky, and he told her that the guilt from refusing all those girls who tried to woo him have been taking a toll. Although he’s the one refusing and hurting those girls, he feels the one truly hurt is himself, and he feels bad about that. Then he reveals why he goes out with girls for only three months: he entertains them while it last, and then they dump him and make him feel horrible. Continue reading Amnesia Memories: Ikki Day 16-20

Amnesia Memories: Ikki Day 6-10

Since before the Amnesia you’re a workaholic who arranged a 6-day week together with Ikki, Orion wonders why you need so much money. Also, you and Ikki have 19th-21st off. What’s with that?

You go to work as usual, and a lady asks to get a photograph plus autograph, then wants to take you home?! She’s your friend from college who dropped by (I thought she was a fanclub! Dang!) She talked to you nonstop and Ikki came to stop her babbling, but then this happened.


Ikki recognized her as Sawa, your friend. Hey Sawawa, why you have to get flustered at my boyfriend? Is he really an incubus? Sawa then went on about love at first sight, which Ikki went along with. Just before things get more awkward, Ikki walked behind her so that she can no longer see his eyes. Sawawawawa went back to normal right away. One more important piece of information!15.png

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Amnesia Memories – Ikki Day 2-5

Second day, he walked you to work as promised. On the walk, he treats you really nicely and try to make small talk all the time. When you look at him, he actually appears like a good boyfriend…still, Orion doesn’t trust him yet.

We’re introduced to our coworker Shin (who appears to be our senpai at work but is younger than us) and the place you work at is called… Maid no Hitsuji? Why’re you working in a Maid&Butler cafe?!

And then you got to meet the manager…


Okay, weird guy.

Then soon after, first group of customers come in!!!! They bombarded you with orders but luckily I jotted them down lol. Obviously you don’t remember how to do anything so Ikki taught you. Then, you recalled the first time he taught you, so wolla you got a memory back.


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Amnesia Memories – Ikkyu day 1

You’ve been transported to the Spade World and before you have much time to explore the phone you just found, this Ikkyu guy called you nonstop.

Not to be confused with Ikkyu-san.

A moment to point out relaxing music and Orion’s humor. It’s okay if you have a heroine that doesn’t talk as long as you have Orion to act as the narrator.


So then first mission: date with a guy you haven’t seen before who’s apparently your boyfriend!

So you got asked to go on a date, got dressed, and he kept you waiting for an hour. LOL nice first impression, dude. You went outside to see this:


Who is this blue dude promising to go hang out with other girls when he’s got plans with his girlfriend?! Oh wait, that’s the boyfriend I don’t remember!

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Amnesia: Memories – Opening

Amnesia: Memories is currently on sale on Steam right now! Get it while you can!


So the new fad for my blog after Yuri on Ice ends is Amnesia, although nothing can really match the hype I felt for that anime. I was gonna do Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons but it crashed five times and after spending 40 minutes trying to get it to run, I gave up and asked for a refund. So… back to Amnesia. I’ve seen the anime adaptation and wanted to play the game ever since. This Christmas my wish is fulfilled.

Why don’t you just watch the gameplay video, you ask? Because I want to make choices myself.

Now, into the story. At first you (the player) is greeted by this androgynous spirit that calls himself Orion.


Apparently he crashed into your soul and replaced your memories. So now you have a special kind of retrograde amnesia called ‘Spirit Replacement Syndrome’. In order to get your memories back and free yourself from this eternally nagging boy, you have to interact with people and recall your memories. After a while of chit chat and him giving you tips about how to live your life, you’re asked for your name.

naming screen.png
Naming screen

One thing I’d like to say is, despite many people calling her stupid in the anime, she’s actually a very pretty heroine. After naming, you get to choose where to go first. Basically you get to choose a route right away. I’ve snooped around Ikkyu and Kent, and the order of events are different. You could also explore stuff through choices.

world choose.png
World Select

The order of the route I’ll play is this: Spade (Ikkyu), Clover (Kent), Heart (Shin), Diamond (Toma) and Joker(?). Oh, but before that we need to heed Orion’s warning:

this is foreshadow right.png
Is this foreshadow?

The graphics in this game is probably the best I’ve seen in Otome (lol since this is my first paid game) Orion blinks and move his mouth as he talks, and when he finished talking his mouth stopped moving. I really look forward to spending time with this little guy.

I’ll constantly update more as I play.