Worst Anime – I watched them so you don’t have to

Arguably there is no bad or good art, but people will generally agree that some of these anime can be considered worse than others. Here are some.


5 Anime That Are So Bad, They're Good | Fandom

Yea, this is on every list. To be honest, the first 3 episodes of Pupa were actually faithful to the manga and it seemed like the story was heading somewhere interesting… but it crashed and burned to the ground due to pacing issues. If you enjoy a combination of cannibalism and sexual incest overtones where the sister makes suggestive noises as she eats her brother alive, well, give it a watch. Plus side, it ends with a ‘see the rest of the story in the manga’.

I’m not going to say the manga was a masterpiece (even though I have the damn collector’s edition sitting in my bookshelf) but it has the atmosphere and the gravity that just pulls you in (minus the incest undertones that just gets worse once you find out Yume’s true identity). The anime has none of that. The worst choice they could’ve made is to make the episodes 5 minutes long, which simply does not work on a thriller-horror.

Skelter Heaven

Wow, this thing has a 1.9 rating! So Skelter Heaven is based on a PS2 game… by Idea Factory. *Diabolik Lovers PTSD triggered* The opening theme is pretty nice, and there seem to be some interesting stuff going on… but the animation is just downright horrible. I swear the morning cartoons in my days did a better job with 3D animation than this. I’d have thought the studio made it with Flash or something. Also, the transitions are so bad I’d think the people who made it never made a movie or even a video before…

From what I gathered, it’s about a bunch of girls in flying machines, and they fight this stupid squid alien that’s horribly animated… The main girl is an artificial being that seems to have a thing going on with the Captain. That’s all I can glean from this.

It reminds me a lot of Kishin Houkou Demonbane OVA…

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Amon Saga + Legend of Lemnear Review – Hero Cycle Summed Up Right There.

I’ve never done a 2 in 1 anime review before, but I’ll do that here since I want to point out some thoughts I have on these two OVA.

First, I’m pretty sure you’re like ‘wth’ when you read the title, since you probably haven’t heard of either of them. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to them. Behold, spoiler awaits.

Let’s start with Amon Saga.


Amon Saga was released in 1986, and upon watching it I screamed ‘Saint Seiyaaaaa’ not because those two were similar in art or story, but the atmosphere and animation were the same. Amon Saga follows Amon, a generic stoic protagonist with white hair who wants to avenge his mother. While on his path to revenge, he met a generic long-haired damsel in distress called Princess Lichia. The two had a Romeo-Juliet moment, ratta-tatta-tat, Amon takes revenge, get the girl, and be done. Or not.
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