Houseki no Kuni Ep 1-3 Review: their hair shines brighter than my future

Weeeellllpppp I’m pretty late in watching this but if I might say, Land of the Lustrous is easily the best anime I’ve seen in a while.

houseki no kuni ep 1-4.png

literal break face

In the distant future, Gems inhabit the earth.  Looming over them are the Lunarians, creepy skinny Asian angels that fly in on a UFO, whose goal seem to be turning the Gems into trinkets. Phosphophyllite, the youngest gem, struggles to find a place where they belongs in the community of immortals.

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My Anime/Manga of 2017

100th post!

This year has been eventful and a major turning point in my life. It has also been a year of finishing anime I keep putting off since 2013. Rules are the same: no one title gets more than one award, spoilers are marked, recipient can be released any year but I have to start/finish it in 2017, and every award is based solely on my preference.

Unlike last year, there are many good titles I’ve watched/read this year, so strap on and let’s go!

First, Best Action (anime) goes to: Youjo Senki (2017)

Tanya the child soldier is actually a Japanese salary man reincarnated. Will she survive Being X’s trials or will she fall to the madness of war?

Youjo Senki is something that I didn’t even think was going to be good, but it was a love at first sight and I still like it a lot. My reviews on Youjo Senki are here.

Honorable Mention: Juuni Taisen (2017)

juuni taisen ep 9-3

It was really hard deciding which one I liked better. I love Juuni Taisen’s characters better than Youjo Senki’s, but action-wise Juuni Taisen is more of a realistic one-slash-death and Youjo Senki has more exciting battles, so too bad. Reviews here.

Best Action (manga) goes to: Gunka no Baltzar (2011)

Baltzar is sent to be an instructor at a crumbling military academy in a neighboring nation. Faced with strained alliances, riots, and enemy attacks, will Baltzar be able to lead his students through perils?

Blend of politics and military, each chapter filled with tension, Gunka no Baltzar is a very enjoyable (and educational) read.

Honorable Mention: Killing Bites (2013)

Giving literal meaning to the phrase, “The honey badger doesn’t give a shit.” Killing Bites is a guilty pleasure that I find more entertaining than Terra Formars.

Best Sci-fi goes to: Paprika (2006)

Things go wrong when you poke around in people’s minds.

Paprika is very imaginative and vibrant. I saw it twice this year, one time alone and one time with my friends at college and I still did not understand the ending. But it was really well-told, much characterization is subtle, and it takes more than one time to kind of understand it.

Honorable Mention: Blame! (2017)

In an endless city, Killy, a man in black, searches for human with the Net Terminal Gene.

Badass action and amazing theme song, though the movie only touches the tip of the iceberg of the manga. Still, Blame was an enjoyable watch. I did one post on it. Continue reading

Made in Abyss Ep. 4-6 Review: Genos Reg to the Rescue!

made in abyss 4-1.png

Reg and Riko are in the Abyss part of the Abyss, and things start to get serious despite how optimistic the whole journey seemed in the first place. The dangers become obvious: nobody’s there to help them if things go wrong. They are not in the orphanage any more. People seem to support them despite being complete noobs because they saw it coming since she was young. I didn’t think they would let her off so easily, though… Continue reading

Made in Abyss Ep. 1-3 Review: time for an adventure!

As I watched Made in Abyss, the feeling that washed over me was nostalgia…yes, a wave of nostalgia.

made in abyss 2-2.png

There exists a giant hole called the Abyss, where dangerous monsters lurk and ancient relics wait to be discovered. Nobody has ever seen the bottom, and no one who descends too deep makes it back alive. Riko’s mother is a White Whistle, the best of explorers who dive the Abyss. The little girl aspires to be just like her mother, and after a fateful encounter with a mysterious boy Reg who seems to come up from the Abyss’s depths, the two set on a journey. Continue reading