Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari Ep 1-3

Played the game for a year or so, game closed down, I didn’t get Kain’s story in time before it closed down, and now what? Oh, a movie? Now an anime?

Chain Chronicle is a mobile game about a continent called Yggdra raided by the Black Army, a swarm of monsters under the Black King. You play as the protagonist (Yuri in the anime, Erya as I named him). Your job is to gather a volunteer army and protect the world.

Here is the interesting part: the anime did not adapt the game, it continued after the game’s ending. (If I read correctly) I’m not sure where they picked up from, though. The international server of Chain Chronicle ended where they sailed to another continent where they have guns or something, but I am quite sure they did not adapt the main story because I’ve played about half of it. And I’ve played long enough to know that there is no card called ‘Aram’ in the game, so that must be new.

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