Josee, the Tiger and the Fish Movie – life is beautiful (the pandemic cannot stop me from watching this in theaters)

Note: this is not much of a review as it is a record of my experience watching this movie.

Bangkok is a crazy city. If you’ve been here once, you’ll get what I mean. And because it’s always so crazy crowded, the pandemic hit us hard and Josee got postponed twice before finally coming to the theaters at the beginning of November 2021.

Even though it’s during a pandemic… the department store that housed the cniema was practically overflowing with people. Especially with kids from the nearby school who were finished with their Saturday classes.

I was already burned out by wading through crowds of people (it’s like Black Friday crowd every single weekend, gosh) to the cinema to buy tickets. I almost shoved a bunch of highschool boys out of the way since they were crowded in front of the ticket machine. I brought my Asian mom with me because she was worried that I’d be in the only person in the theater like that time I was watching Violet Evergarden Movie in March, and she offered to pay for the tickets. So we got the premium couch at the back of the theater because she wanted to sleep throughout the show.

It was the last weekend before Josee left theaters, so the cinema already took all the posters down. I had to make do snapping a shot with my laptop screen instead lol

So we grabbed lunch and waited 30 minutes of advertisement before the movie finally started.

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Pacific Rim: Uprising Review – the Mako Rant

I hated Uprising. I watched it on a plane. I couldn’t forget about it. That’s how much of an impression it made.

I felt that Uprising is what happens when you take a passion project and turn it into a commercial one. It’s just trying to sell you Jaeger toys. I don’t know what exactly is missing in this movie that the first movie had. Probably passion? Originality? An attempt to make a robot franchise that doesn’t look like the Japanese stuff or Transformers?

*Warning: this is a rant review.

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) - IMDb
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Alita: Battle Angel Review – Okay, that was actually good

After the dumpster fire that was Ghost in the Shell (that I actually tried to defend) comes Alita: Battle Angel, a movie adaptation of GUNNM, or better known to English readers as Battle Angel Alita.


And hey, it wasn’t bad at all! (Aside from that I sat through that ending scene with the Zalem tube three friggin times already!)

And today’s my birthday.

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Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan Review (+Historical background on the story)


After the success of 9 Satra comes another Thai animated film produced by Rangsit Universtiy, Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan (Krut: the Himmaphan Warriors/ครุฑ มหายุทธ หิมพานต์), 4 years in the making. While not as heavily promoted, I think this is a good movie. Not great, but good.


The kingdom of Ayutthaya flourished under the rule of Kinnara, the bird people, until after a bloody war, the Garuda had taken it from them. The Kinnara were enslaved until one day, King Kinnaracha freed and brought his Kinnara people on an exodus to Himmaphan, a peaceful forest at the edge of the world. 200 years later, the Garuda at Ayutthaya were invaded by the Raksos giants, the fierce and vicious living flamethrowers with nothing else in their mind but killing. Cornered with nowhere else to run, the handful remaining Garuda were forced to flee to Himmaphan, where the Kinnara people live, with their only goal being to take back Ayutthaya…

This movie is based partially on actual historical events which I will cover in a section below. Also, you will know why Thailand has so many mythical creatures guarding important places. Continue reading Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan Review (+Historical background on the story)

The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra Review (+ a brief history of Thai animation)

Come to Thailand this past week and no doubt you’d have run into a poster of 9 Satra, the new and booming Thai animation with a budget of 230 million baht. The reason this movie is the talk of the town isn’t because of the budget or because it’s something made by Thai people. The movie itself is a real deal.

Official Website:

9 Satra is available in both English sub and dub. (The sub is accurate, and the dub has really good feedback, some say the ENG dub is better than the Thai dub.)


9 Satra is the story of Odd, a humble and sweet young man destined to save the Kingdom of Ramthep from Yaksas, ogres who enslaved and kill humans for no apparent reason. Odd’s mission is to bring the “9 Satra”, a weapon used with the arts of Muay Thai, to the Prince of Ramthep in order to free the kingdom. Accompanying him are the sassy&badass sky pirate caption Xiaolan, first prince of the fallen monkey kingdom Vata, and a Yaksas in exile Asura (Crimson Ogre). However, the King of the Yaksas, Dehayaksas, will not let his rule of the kingdom get shaken by a mere boy…

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Amon Saga + Legend of Lemnear Review – Hero Cycle Summed Up Right There.

I’ve never done a 2 in 1 anime review before, but I’ll do that here since I want to point out some thoughts I have on these two OVA.

First, I’m pretty sure you’re like ‘wth’ when you read the title, since you probably haven’t heard of either of them. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to them. Behold, spoiler awaits.

Let’s start with Amon Saga.

Amon Saga was released in 1986, and upon watching it I screamed ‘Saint Seiyaaaaa’ not because those two were similar in art or story, but the atmosphere and animation were the same. Amon Saga follows Amon, a generic stoic protagonist with white hair who wants to avenge his mother. While on his path to revenge, he met a generic long-haired damsel in distress called Princess Lichia. The two had a Romeo-Juliet moment, ratta-tatta-tat, Amon takes revenge, get the girl, and be done. Or not.
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Fences Analysis – Pride and Prejudice and Fences

Pride and Prejudice and Fences

“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know, What I was walling in or walling out.” This line from Robert Frost’s Mending Wall talks about the purpose of real barriers between two neighbors, but these could also be metaphorical barriers people put between or build for others. In the play Fences by August Wilson, protagonist Troy Maxson made multiple walls. He created figurative and literary fences to keep his pride intact.

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