Amazing Thailand Phuket Countdown 2021/2022 was a bit of a disaster

Andrea Bocelli! The greatest tenor of our time!

So… uh… do the organizers even know who he is? Do they even listen to him?

UPDATE: Andrea Bocelli performs at Phuket's to welcome in 2022 | Thaiger

I don’t usually write posts like this, since this blog is for anime/manga/light novel stuff, but about six years ago this was a lifestyle blog so I guess this isn’t so out of place. I wanted to just forget this ever happened but I can’t listen to Andrea Bocelli peacefully after what I consider that the Thai organizers of the event have disrespected him. I have to get this out of my system. So, here’s what happened:

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takt Op. Destiny Ep. 1-2 review – Pathetique is not pathetic, mind you

Once upon a time, a weird black meteorite fell and along with it came D2, alien thingies that attack whatever that makes beautiful noises, be it a huge symphony or a simple piano.

Takt’s father died during the Boston Tragedy, where the D2s attacked during a concert. Since then, he’s been a shut-in, only playing the piano for himself. However, due to a turn of fate, he is now traveling to New York with his friend Anna and ‘Destiny’, a Musicart that’s able to fight the D2s.

We have another anime with the main guy being a shut-in missing his right arm, with the other one being Taisho Otome Otogibanashi. Also, Takt’s seiyuu voices 2 other animes this season. Wowwwww.

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Mili – the secret song in Miracle Milk (Shitty Flowers) and hints on cracking the code

I really, really need to thank this person for giving us the information that there’s a hidden song. I’ve had the album for about two years and I never knew there was a secret code.

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Miracle Milk – Mili’s 2nd Album Unbox

After hiatus after hiatus that came into my life, I finally had the chance to pick up my pre-ordered Miracle Milk album from animate Bangkok. I have crazy high expectations with this album (I love Mili and this is the first time I’m buying an album of any music ever) and the product is a bit…well, it’s wonderful but underwhelming haha. Okay, enough rambling, let’s get opening, shall we?

Even though on pre-order day the order cards for this album ran out quickly (mine was the last one they had for the day), when I went to pick it up, there’s like 8 copies of Miracle Milk just sitting there in the store with no one looking at. Huh.


The album comes in plastic. No, the sticker above the bar code does not say “SHIT 1004”. If it really does I’d ask them if I can get a refund. Normally I would say 1,430 Baht is pricey for an album, but after looking at prices for Love Live singles, an album that has 18 songs and comes with gazillion other stuff is worth the price.

After appreciating the beautiful cover, let’s open the thing.


The left is the CD itself along with the lyrics cards, and the right is the animate Bangkok limited CD.


Comes with 2 songs, It’s a wonderful world -2016- and Sacramentum: Unaccompanied Hymn for Torino 2016. These two are worth sitting in a car for an hour to get to MBK for.


Here’s all the cards they have. I’m kind of disappointed it’s regular hard paper, because it needs a lot of careful preservation in Thailand’s weather. I don’t like when I come back to look at it years later and they’re all crumbly and faded. But the colors are nice to look at.


This is the main CD. It comes with a sleeve and a jacket, along with advertisement for their 2016 Live Tour which I’ll never get a chance to go to. Can’t I have a box though? I’m scared of breaking this precious baby.


Some of the cards are two part of the same illustration. Makes it all the more interesting.


The sound quality is excellent. Ignore the 23:36, the clock on my CD player is broke.

All in all I love it. I’ve listened to the whole album about 8 times already.

For more information and to buy the album, visit their Official Site.

EDIT: It’s now 2020 and the color of the lyric cards are still in perfect condition. Though the plastic cover of the album bent a bit out of shape because of the heat + humidity. I really need a better tupperware to keep this thing in lol

There’s a secret to this album. If you haven’t found it, check out my other post.