Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan Review (+Historical background on the story)


After the success of 9 Satra comes another Thai animated film produced by Rangsit Universtiy, Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan (Krut: the Himmaphan Warriors/ครุฑ มหายุทธ หิมพานต์), 4 years in the making. While not as heavily promoted, I think this is a good movie. Not great, but good.


The kingdom of Ayutthaya flourished under the rule of Kinnara, the bird people, until after a bloody war, the Garuda had taken it from them. The Kinnara were enslaved until one day, King Kinnaracha freed and brought his Kinnara people on an exodus to Himmaphan, a peaceful forest at the edge of the world. 200 years later, the Garuda at Ayutthaya were invaded by the Raksos giants, the fierce and vicious living flamethrowers with nothing else in their mind but killing. Cornered with nowhere else to run, the handful remaining Garuda were forced to flee to Himmaphan, where the Kinnara people live, with their only goal being to take back Ayutthaya…

This movie is based partially on actual historical events which I will cover in a section below. Also, you will know why Thailand has so many mythical creatures guarding important places. Continue reading Krut: Mahayut Himmaphan Review (+Historical background on the story)