[Part 2] Worst Anime – I watched them so you don’t have to

(WordPress crashed 3 times while writing this. I’m so done.)

This is based off a database I found that has some kind of fancy statistics calculation to it. I’m surprised I actually have watched a lot of stuff on that list, so here goes.

Part 1 here.

Twinkle Nora Rock Me (did I spell that correctly?)

Twinkle Nora Rock Me! (Video 1985) - IMDb

Yes, I watched the legend. On 1.5 speed to make the animation seem smoother. It didn’t help.

TNRM is what happens when a guy gets enough budget to animate his imaginary girlfriend and makes her do every badass things imaginable for no logic at all. If Nora was as famous as Mary Sue, the word Nora will actually replace the term Mary Sue for characters of her type. And the small guy is obviously not the creator’s stand-in.

Nora has an uninteresting plot, cheesy music that does not really fit the scene, and horrible powerpoint animations. All the random dancing did not help. Nora, you’re not a Disney princess.

Legend of Lemnear

Pin on Favorite Oldskool Anime

I feel that there’s an actual plot in Lemnear. However, the boobs were too distracting.

Plus side: Even for its era, I thought the animation looked really pretty. Also, that scene close to the end almost had me.

Compared to some stuff from the first part, Lemnear wasn’t that bad. It was very forgettable. Yeah, it was bad but definitely not worst. Just that the focus was too much on the boobs.

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