My Anime/Manga of 2021

I lived the NEET life for a few months this year and watched/read so many things. This post will contain everything I’ve started/finished this year.

Note; this post is very long.


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Übel Blatt manga ending – bonutzuu’s manga archive

My copy of Übel Blatt volume 23 came in the mail today so I sat down to read it, barely able to recall what happened in the previous volume.

I started Übel Blatt wayyyy back in 2012 when I was still in middle school, all because a manga blogger I used to like said that it was this captivating tale of revenge. It was. Until OP Glenn happened.

Fourteen people went over the border. Three were slain. Four deserted, labeled the Four Lances of Betrayal. The remaining seven returned victorious, hailed by their countrymen as heroes.

Though… it didn’t happen that way. The seven ‘heroes’ were actually the ones that deserted, leaving the remaining four to finish the mission on their own. When the four returned, the seven brutally murdered them at the border and claimed fame to themselves.

Twenty years later, one of the fallen four returned on a quest for revenge. His name is Koinzell, ex Blatt Master, now a shota elf with an amazing ding-dong. (Ref: Ubel Blatt vol 0)

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