Zombie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch.1: A Corpse’s Memories] 3 and 4



After getting the flashlight, (nevermind how I got it) we started searching the corridors on the floor we’re on, but did not find anything or anyone.

I and Ariya decided to walk up a set of stairs to 3rd floor to find any door or hole that might get us to the outside world. I tried hard to make conversation, especially trying to get Ariya to answer prior questions.

“So, you and I know each other from before?”

“Hmm? Yes, Vakin and I did. We were medical students in the same university.”

Ariya answered as he opened a door to a room, and raised the phone up to illuminate the interior.

“Medicine, huh? Were we close?”

Ariya laughed softly.

“Vakin and I were not close. Vakin was the type that does not give a damn about anything or anyone. On top of that, he was so straightforward every medical student would call him ‘The Black Sheep of the Faculty of Medicine’.”

Was I…that bad?

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Zombie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch.1: A Corpse’s Memories] 2


The building was dark, so I reluctantly returned to the room I just escaped from. The lights from that room could work as a temporary flashlight.

When there was light, I could see the rusty railings to my right. It was of sheer luck that i did not run into it while escaping, since it would break and I would fall into the deep below.

I peeked my head over the railings but could see nothing but total darkness, like a pool of black ink.

What the small amount of light illuminated for me gave me some clues.

This looked like some kind of factory.

The structure was an upside-down U, since I could see the corridor on the other side, but it was so faint I could not make out any details. Looking up, I could estimate the height of this building.

There might be about 4 floors.

…But…the exit must be down below…

I concluded according to my common sense, but as I set out to find stairs, I saw something very out of the ordinary.

Across the black pool of darkness, a room was open!

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Zombie Kiss Vol.1 [Ch.1 A Corpse’s Memories] Prologue

I… was looking at the sky.

The sun shone brightly in the deep blue sky. White clouds move slowly by the soft winds. Birds flew above my head, dropping a white, soft feather which appears like a flake of snow in summer.

I stood in a field where the grass reached my knees. It stretched in every direction, like an endless plain.

I do not feel familiar with this place. There was neither a house nor a person to be seen.

My gaze locked to the sky above, watching the white birds as they flew with freedom.

It’s not fair…

Why did God give such an amazing gift to these mere creatures?

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Zombie Kiss Vol. 1 Intro+Characters+Discussion

***This is a fan translation of the Thai novel ‘Zombie Kiss’. It will be taken down immediately per request of the original publisher (punica). Otherwise, enjoy reading!***

Zombie Kiss

Other Names: สาปศพนางฟ้า (Angel’s Corpse)

Author: กันย์ (Kan)

Illustrators: Blue Cat, Dim-Sum Studio

Publisher: Punica Publishing

Translation Index page: here

Zombie Kiss 1: Love, Jealousy, Corpse

A “Love” That You Will Remember Till Your Death



…am enticed by death.

To me, death…

Is a fathomless darkness.

Is a beautiful and valuable piece of art.

When I met “her”…

I can see the light for the first time.

But because of a wrong decision,

I sank even deeper into madness.

To be free of the dark,

I will…

Get back my light.

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