Video Collection

Tenshi no Tamago (Angel’s Egg)

This is a film made around 1985 with EXTREMELY SLOW PACING and HEAVY SYMBOLISM. Half of the audience will already be asleep while the other half scratches their head in confusion. (Even though the sleeping half will be jerked awake somewhere near the end) There’s a lot of staring, walking, watching the grass, more staring…but the animation is beautiful and very detailed. The background images can just be framed on a wall in an art exhibit. The story revolves around a girl who does nothing but fill jugs with water, a man who carries a gun around, and an egg that the girl holds like she is pregnant, and them discussing Christianity symbolism. The characters have great animation but looks as dead as a highschooler on a Monday morning. This OVA is not for everyone, but if you can find a way to enjoy it, you’ll love it.

The most beautiful cover of ‘And I will Always Love You’


This song is sung by Hatsune Miku. She doesn’t sound squeaky or robotic in this song, and her tone of voice really fits the overall feeling. Paranoia is a really beautiful song with touching meaning.


A song by Mili. This song is also part of a game called ‘Deemo’ by Rayark, famous for Cytus. The video here is an awesome cover of the song by HΔG. Give this one and the original song a try.

Ellie / Elsa-Maria

Original Songs by MAYU the yandere vocaloid. These two songs tell the same story through the point of view of two characters. It’s so…so yandere, so awesome, and as for Elsa Maria, you actually felt sorry for her. A lot of blood…censoring sound, and axe whacking. If you’re a fan of MAYU/yandere, don’t forget to listen to these two songs.

Tooku Kimi e (To you, in a Land Faraway)<<not so sure this is the translation

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee soundtrack. The song is praised by youtubers as the best soundtrack ever composed for an anime. It’s so beautiful I’m gonna cry ;( This version is the lyrics version. The lyrics of this song has really nostalgic meaning.

Yuki ni Saku Hana (Flower that Blossoms in the Snow)

THEM FEELS. The second ending of Shinsekai Yori is sung by Akizuki Maria. (Hanazawa Kana) The story of Shinsekai Yori is just amazing…10/10. Now you shall remember all the deceased characters while listening to this wonderful song.

Byakumu no Mayu -Ricordando il Passato-

Press the play button. Seriously. Ricordando il Passato is an Italian song sung by my favorite singer, Akiko Shikata. This song is the ending of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, the most ironic and confusing detective visual novel of all time. Nevertheless this song will give you so much feels and goosebumps.

Kimi no Koe

Ending theme of Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Bashou (The Place Promised in Our Early Days). The vocal is soft but powerful and very touching.

Love Letter no Kawari Kono Uta wo

The second opening song of Letter Bee. This song represents the whole anime in the most touching way possible. “A single word will do. I want it to reach you. A single tear fell silently…” I cried listening to this song when Letter Bee aired on animax…good o’l days.

Sayonara no Natsu (Summer of Goodbye)

We can’t complete an anime video collection without a Ghibli song, can we? Sayonara no Natsu is sung by Aoi Teshima for the movie From Up on Poppy Hill. It’s just beautiful. Can’t describe it anymore.

Who doesn’t like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood? It’s the most beautiful anime I’ve ever seen. I kinda wished it won’t end. This song is the final opening song of the series. A very touching song indeed…

Let’s end the collection with my favorite vocaloid singing a song from my favorite singer from unfortunately not my favorite anime. One of the most human-sounding IA cover I have listened to.

There’s so many more songs… Dear you, To the Moon, Pleasure Line, Meteor, Monochrome (Sakana’s and Ms. Monochrome’s) Hoshi no Kakera, Beautiful Wish, Hitomi no Kotae, COLORS…Ah, so many… But let’s end it here now. Hope you enjoyed my selection 😀


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