Kuzu no Honkai (A Scum’s Wish) Ep 1-4 Review – Kuso beyond words

I told my friend I’m interested in watching Kuzu no Honkai, and the first advice she gave me was: Don’t watch it in class.

kuzu no honkai ep 1-2

Being such a great friend, I went ahead and watched it anyway.

Guess what the teacher said.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Ch.1 Twisted Beauty] 2





Third floor, a certain classroom in the Faculty of Medicine.

“Are you sure you want to give it to me, Lilith?”

Kanya was hesitant when her friend suddenly handed her a luxurious golden box, stuffed full with makeup. On the box was a logo of one luxurious makeup company in a foreign language she cannot read, but the ribbon wrapped around that box had Thai on it, and it said: First Prize.

“Take it. If I bring it home, my grandma would complain my ears off.”

Lilith shrugged it off.

“Moreover, I got it without even trying.”

After Kanya gave her the shocking news, the contest was cancelled.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Ch.1 Twisted Beauty] 1



****21.15 [Rabbit Hole] has just logged in****


Slut. She’s always fooling everyone with the good girl act.

[Natural Beauty]…:

Yeah, yeah! Plastic beauty! Has she no shame?

[Friend with good intentions]…:

Have you seen this topic on the forum? “The real identity of the pretty girl is a fake. Plastic and whorish behaviors?!?” It has over a hundred comments.


I’ve seen it! So dramatic, our university’s forum…

[Natural Beauty]…:

Kick her out. I hate those who are beautiful from surgeries. Tch, tch. -*-

[Different Opinion]…:

Uh…are you going too far? Everyone’s doing it these days. =_=”

[Commarts Kid]…:

Those who’re gossiping right now are naturally beautiful(hideous), right???

[Natural Beauty]…:

Why??? Ugly but honest is better than pretty but fake. -*-


I can’t accept this. It’s a contest, you need to show the real thing to win.

[Friend with good intentions]…:

Bye bye, Miss Hera Hysteria ^_^


Withdraw already, shoo shoo! (-*-)p


How will this event end?


Who will be the last one standing…?

[Rabbit Hole]…:

I am not expecting anything.

[Rabbit Hole]…:

This story…is just about women’s jealousy…

****21.35 [Rabbit Hole] has just logged out****


“She” is a “twisted beauty’.

A beauty… that enchants…those who draws near will face tragedy.

The name of that beauty is “Lilith”.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.2 [Ch.3 Twins] 2

Note: Lilith


Is this a joke…?


That was her thought, but the young girl’s throat was dry and the hands that held the sketchbook was shaking.

This is a story…surely a story…or maybe Namfon was playing a prank on me. Didn’t seem like her. And this is a really bad prank.

Lilith glanced around the void classroom. It made her feel lost.

Was it this late already? So quiet…why are there no teachers or janitors around?

The girl shook creepy thoughts away. She stood up, and her eyes caught on a message at a corner of the book.

Open me.

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