Yume Oukoku to Nemureru Hyaku-nin no Ouji-sama (Yume100) Ep. 1 Review – Watch out for that ax

Hi guys, I’m alive again. I’m going to try reviewing episode by episode rather than by threes or fours like I usually do for this series.

yume100 ep1-5

Yume100 is an anime adapted from a puzzle game of the same name. The princess of Troymare is an ordinary salary girl transported to the Kingdom of Dreams, where she found out she has the power to buff princes to fight against Yumekui (dream eaters) and thus begin her journey to collect husbando—–I mean, save the world.

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Terra Formars Gaiden: Rain Hard Review

Why did I even put myself through this…? Why am I hurting my own feelings? Should there be a space between the word Rain and Hard or no?

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ terra formars rain hard

Rain Hard is a one volume spin-off of Terra Formars, focusing on Adolf Reinhard’s secret mission just before going to Mars. He meets his childhood friends and reflects on many things about life.

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Houseki no Kuni Ep 1-3 Review: their hair shines brighter than my future

Weeeellllpppp I’m pretty late in watching this but if I might say, Land of the Lustrous is easily the best anime I’ve seen in a while.

houseki no kuni ep 1-4.png

literal break face

In the distant future, Gems inhabit the earth.  Looming over them are the Lunarians, creepy skinny Asian angels that fly in on a UFO, whose goal seem to be turning the Gems into trinkets. Phosphophyllite, the youngest gem, struggles to find a place where they belongs in the community of immortals.

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The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra Review (+ a brief history of Thai animation)

Come to Thailand this past week and no doubt you’d have run into a poster of 9 Satra, the new and booming Thai animation with a budget of 230 million baht. The reason this movie is the talk of the town isn’t because of the budget or because it’s something made by Thai people. The movie itself is a real deal.

Official Website: http://www.9satramovie.com/

9 Satra is available in both English sub and dub. (The sub is accurate, and the dub has really good feedback, some say the ENG dub is better than the Thai dub.)


9 Satra is the story of Odd, a humble and sweet young man destined to save the Kingdom of Ramthep from Yaksas, ogres who enslaved and kill humans for no apparent reason. Odd’s mission is to bring the “9 Satra”, a weapon used with the arts of Muay Thai, to the Prince of Ramthep in order to free the kingdom. Accompanying him are the sassy&badass sky pirate caption Xiaolan, first prince of the fallen monkey kingdom Vata, and a Yaksas in exile Asura (Crimson Ogre). However, the King of the Yaksas, Dehayaksas, will not let his rule of the kingdom get shaken by a mere boy…

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