Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God) – vol 9 light novel ending spoilers and this and that

Sunday Without God had been published in my native tongue (Thai) and so I had a chance to read the light novels and find out what happened after the anime. However, the publisher on the Thai side put volume 9 on hold for untold reasons, and I’ve been left hanging for ages.

So… I have two choices. Either I try to get a copy of the Japanese version (my proficiency is only at N4 and I doubt I would have fun reading the thing when sometimes I have problems understanding the book in my native language…) or I wait forever for it to be released in Thai/English.

Or…just read the spoilers!

So I have gathered bits and pieces of spoilers people put on the internet for you to read, along with my thoughts. I can’t guarantee their accuracy as to what actually happens in the story, but hopefully this would be better than nothing.

I went through a bunch of discussion forums and blog posts. This is compiled from a few of them:

Ai really died when she tried to stop Alice back in volume 8. She might have died from shock or something else, since the bullet hit her in the shoulder, not the chest. Anyway, she really is dead.

Nein was crying nonstop and blamed herself for Ai’s death, and so Alice tried to comfort her.

Ai apologized to Hampney and Alpha (her papa and mama) that her life ended so quickly, and also apologized to D, Scar, and Yurey. She said goodbye to everyone and headed off to Ortus in order to meet Ulla again. Alice accompanied her. One of the comments said Ulla already died as well, but I doubt that.

At that point, Ai already gave up on her dreams of saving the world (since the world was already saved by someone else, and now she’s one of the dead). She understood what it felt like to be a dead person.

D and Nein wanted Ai’s dream to live on, and so they set off on their own journey.

At some point, Alice wanted to revive Ai, and so made a deal with a witch, I’m not sure who. In exchange for Ai’s revival, he’d have to give up his own heart. After the process was done, Ai is still dead, but her heart was the only thing that was revived (it’s still beating.) In the end, they ended up sharing the same heart or something.

Ai chose to remain with Alice until the last human on earth perished.

So, Alice is an existence that will never change, born from his classmates’ wish. And now, Ai is dead, so she also will not change. They’ll watch the world end together for as long as possible. Pretty sad ending, I must say, yet also bittersweet.

This volume seem to be a ‘wrap up’ volume with not much going on. The light novels I’ve read to the end (like Mondaiji-tachi and B.A.D.) also follow this same format (except maybe SukaSuka) where the last volume is just a volume that ties all the loose knots after the climax in the previous volume.

I don’t know what to feel about this volume until I read the whole thing, but it’s just sad that Ai’s dream of saving the world ended when she’s only just begun. And Ai is the same age as when I started reading the novel: 13. Truth to be told, I related with her quite a lot back then. If my 13-year-old self were to see this ending, I’d probably sell all the books off to a second hand book store lol.

Well, at least Ai gets to be with the people she loves. That’s good.

I found an English translation of the novel that would most likely update volume 9 soon. I’ll give it a read once it’s been updated, but if you guys finish before me, feel free to drop some spoilers in the comments.

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