The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra Review (+ a brief history of Thai animation)

Come to Thailand this past week and no doubt you’d have run into a poster of 9 Satra, the new and booming Thai animation with a budget of 230 million baht. The reason this movie is the talk of the town isn’t because of the budget or because it’s something made by Thai people. The movie itself is a real deal.

Official Website:

9 Satra is available in both English sub and dub. (The sub is accurate, and the dub has really good feedback, some say the ENG dub is better than the Thai dub.)


9 Satra is the story of Odd, a humble and sweet young man destined to save the Kingdom of Ramthep from Yaksas, ogres who enslaved and kill humans for no apparent reason. Odd’s mission is to bring the “9 Satra”, a weapon used with the arts of Muay Thai, to the Prince of Ramthep in order to free the kingdom. Accompanying him are the sassy&badass sky pirate caption Xiaolan, first prince of the fallen monkey kingdom Vata, and a Yaksas in exile Asura (Crimson Ogre). However, the King of the Yaksas, Dehayaksas, will not let his rule of the kingdom get shaken by a mere boy…

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My Anime/Manga of 2017

100th post!

This year has been eventful and a major turning point in my life. It has also been a year of finishing anime I keep putting off since 2013. Rules are the same: no one title gets more than one award, spoilers are marked, recipient can be released any year but I have to start/finish it in 2017, and every award is based solely on my preference.

Unlike last year, there are many good titles I’ve watched/read this year, so strap on and let’s go!

First, Best Action (anime) goes to: Youjo Senki (2017)

Tanya the child soldier is actually a Japanese salary man reincarnated. Will she survive Being X’s trials or will she fall to the madness of war?

Youjo Senki is something that I didn’t even think was going to be good, but it was a love at first sight and I still like it a lot. My reviews on Youjo Senki are here.

Honorable Mention: Juuni Taisen (2017)

juuni taisen ep 9-3

It was really hard deciding which one I liked better. I love Juuni Taisen’s characters better than Youjo Senki’s, but action-wise Juuni Taisen is more of a realistic one-slash-death and Youjo Senki has more exciting battles, so too bad. Reviews here.

Best Action (manga) goes to: Gunka no Baltzar (2011)

Baltzar is sent to be an instructor at a crumbling military academy in a neighboring nation. Faced with strained alliances, riots, and enemy attacks, will Baltzar be able to lead his students through perils?

Blend of politics and military, each chapter filled with tension, Gunka no Baltzar is a very enjoyable (and educational) read.

Honorable Mention: Killing Bites (2013)

Giving literal meaning to the phrase, “The honey badger doesn’t give a shit.” Killing Bites is a guilty pleasure that I find more entertaining than Terra Formars.

Best Sci-fi goes to: Paprika (2006)

Things go wrong when you poke around in people’s minds.

Paprika is very imaginative and vibrant. I saw it twice this year, one time alone and one time with my friends at college and I still did not understand the ending. But it was really well-told, much characterization is subtle, and it takes more than one time to kind of understand it.

Honorable Mention: Blame! (2017)

In an endless city, Killy, a man in black, searches for human with the Net Terminal Gene.

Badass action and amazing theme song, though the movie only touches the tip of the iceberg of the manga. Still, Blame was an enjoyable watch. I did one post on it. Continue reading

Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Ch.3 The Hitchhiker] 1

If in a car, there is one killer,

It could be called a ‘coincidence.’

But if in a car, there are two killers,

Then which one will be the ‘prey’?

“The Hitchhiker”

Why am I so unlucky today…?


Although today is our five years anniversary, I had a quarrel with darling. Darling even threw the present box containing the hairpin he bought for me right in my face. The corner hit me in the cheek, leaving a bright red mark.

From this, our planned mountain trip was cancelled.

I decide to drive off in the night. I don’t care even if it’s pouring outside, because my tears are pouring too. I feel so lonely and stupid for carrying that dumb present box with me, when it’s something he used to hurt me.

The traffic light turns red.

I can just drive through it, since there will be no cars passing through this provincial motorway at this late hour. Moreover, there are no cars on the road aside from mine. My attention is drawn to the hairpin. I reach out to take the box on the passenger seat, and take its content out.

A hairpin made from glass gleamed light pink, at its end hangs a chandelier of red stones in the shape of a beautiful bouquet. It seems really expensive. I feel guilty about darling.

Well, let’s try putting it on.


I tie my hair, which extends to the middle of my back, into a bun and put the hairpin on. I didn’t get a chance to perfect my appearance, when…

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Yume Oukoku to Nemureru Hyaku-nin no Ouji-sama (Yume100) Ep. 1 Review – Watch out for that ax

Hi guys, I’m alive again. I’m going to try reviewing episode by episode rather than by threes or fours like I usually do for this series.

yume100 ep1-5

Yume100 is an anime adapted from a puzzle game of the same name. The princess of Troymare is an ordinary salary girl transported to the Kingdom of Dreams, where she found out she has the power to buff princes to fight against Yumekui (dream eaters) and thus begin her journey to collect husbando—–I mean, save the world.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Ch.2 Verdict] 7



No matter how much time had passed, I still remember that news.

The news reporter talked about a policeman who shot his wife dead in front of his son, shortly after he found out she was cheating. The policeman was mad and lost his mind before getting thrown into a cage like a beast.

Something so cruel was normal. I watched that news without feeling anything, even though I was only in elementary school.

“People are so heartless. Don’t they feel sorry for the boy? He’s only a bit older than you, Ariya. If that boy was Ariya, I would…”

Mother did not finish her sentence, but hugged me tight.

I did not understand a word.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Ch.2 Verdict] 6




Lilith opened her eyes in a daze.

She fell asleep on the white tables in the committee room. The clock showed that it is a little past ten in the night. It was pitch black outside.

After that accident, everything was chaotic. Lilith felt as if she was a ball, bouncing around when hit. She was dragged to the hospital to dress her wounds and was interrogated (in which she offered no good information since she was in a shock).

She remembered that Jorn offered to take her home, but he asked to collect something in this room first. They took a taxi here, and as Jorn collected his belongings, Lilith fell asleep. Maybe it’s the accumulated fatigue that caused her to fall into a long sleep without knowing.

Lilith slowly rose up, aching all over.

Grandmother must be worried sick…

As she thought of a reason to tell her grandma why she’s late, Vich’s burnt face flashed in her head. Her tears welled.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Ch.2 Verdict] 5




“Lilith, are you okay? Lilith!?!”

These voices…Jorn…and Vich…?

She felt someone shaking her shoulders. When she opened her eyes, Jorn and Vich were in her vision. A distance away was a piece of scrap metal that was once a motorcycle, crashed into the pole with hot smoke coming off from it. The wheels pointed to the sky, and a crowd gathered a safe distance away.

“Vich…are you safe…?”

“You moron! Think of yourself first!”

Vich yelled with worry, his body covered in cuts and scrapes, but was alright. Lilith was worse. She didn’t wear a helmet and her head crashed right into the ground.

But…at least Vich was alive.

I succeeded…

Lilith felt a tremendous amount of joy, but…

“I’ll drive you to the hospital.”

Jorn stood up, but Lilith grabbed his arm.

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Zombie Kiss Vol.3 [Ch.2 Verdict] 4



Lilith did not even know how she got home.

She came back to her senses when her grandmother shook her shoulders frantically, since her granddaughter had been doing nothing but spacing out. Lilith was pale and her hands were trembling, and it appeared as if she could faint any moment. To top it off, she was covered in blood.

But because her grandmother knew Lilith well, she did not press for answers. She understood and waited for Lilith to open up. That night, Lilith asked to sleep in the same room as her grandmother, but was too afraid to sleep from fear of that darkness…

A darkness like a bottomless pit…

The darkness inside A—

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