My Anime/Manga of 2019

It’s been an eventful year. My health hasn’t been the best for the past 3 or 4 months, but hopefully 2020 will be a great year. So now, here goes my list of 2019!

(And yeah, because I had a very bad flu and some sinus problems, I’m only releasing it now. My list is also really short this year because I’ve been studying like crazy….)

I’ve decided to add a new section this year, hopefully it’s better. Without further ado, let’s start off with…

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Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya Episode 7-10 Review – Athena is OP and she knows it

We’re back with part 2 of this reimagining of a well-beloved manga/anime, and hey, it’s getting a bit better after whatever mess happened in the first part. Seiya is still bland as heck but it’s understandable for a standard MC of an animated series that’s supposed to be for those under 12 years of age.

Oh, by the way, the Dragon Saint just poked his own eyes out.

And Shaka looks so damn gorgeous in this new CGI.

Saint Seiya: Netflix trará sequência em janeiro - Home | SiriNerd
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Chrome Breaker volume 4: the long awaited ending – bonutzuu’s manga archive

Chrome Breaker is a lot of things. Shoujo art style, shounen plot, religious themes, Chrono Crusade vibes but Azmaria is the MC… but in the end it’s one of my childhood manga that I only got the chance to finish when I’m 21. Yep.

So I will start with what all of you are here for: the ending spoilers and a summary of what happened in volume 4. Take note that volume 3 sold out in my country with no chance of reprint and I have no luck hunting for second hands, so chapter 11-13 is lost to me.

Volume 4 Summary

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King’s Raid Beginner’s Guide: Overview of all characters/heroes pros and cons

For a list of beginner-friendly heroes, check here: 2020 and check here if you are looking for heroes for specific content. For the 4 starter characters, check here.

In this post, I will go over the pros and cons plus the role of every single hero released in the game as of Jan 2021, along with a few notes on some of them. I will try to keep it brief so you can decide who to build.

(Side note: I consider myself a casual late game player, even though I’ve been playing since Sep 2016 in the open beta. Some stuff I put here may be outdated due to newer balance patches, although most of them should hold true. If you want super-specific builds or tips on how to be competitive in the rankings, please go to the community for that.)

Without further ado, let’s start.

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Manga + Anime Piracy in Thailand – random thoughts

คางูระแดนซ์” รวมฮิตซับไทยสุดมึนของ ดาบพิฆาตอสูร Kimetsu No Yaiba : Metal  Bridges‏ แหล่งร่วมข้อมูลข่าวสาร เกมส์ การ์ตูน ของเล่น หนัง อุปกรณ์ ไอที

Thailand was famous among travelers for pirating famous movies and selling CDs/DVDs for 0.60 USD or less. The anime/manga portion of the country suffered no less, with pirated anime sites still amok. Although this has gotten better in recent years, with Thai scan groups and fansub groups actively deleting titles which had been licensed, we still see illegal circulation of some titles from time to time.

Here is the question though: why?

I’m no expert on this issue, but I used to be part of the problem and I’ll give my take on it.

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King’s Raid List of Heroes with Enemy Buff Dispel

King's Raid tier list for all classes & Beginner tips

This guide covers heroes that can erase enemy buffs.

Latest update: 8/11/2020

‘Skill’ means that the ability to cleanse is innate, you have the skill = you can dispel. ‘Transcendence’ means that you have to choose a certain perk to get the dispel. Lastly, ‘unique treasure’ means that you need to select that particular treasure as your main unique treasure for the dispel to activate.

Removing enemy buffs is useful in PvP and certain bosses. Heroes that are easy to use will be bolded.

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King’s Raid Guide – An Overview of Knight Heroes

Latest update: 8/11//2020

In this post, I will summarize key features of each hero so you can easily choose who to build without having to go through all their skills. Today we will focus on Knights, the tanks.

Note: I will not list out their UT (unless it’s really essential), you can read those yourself ❤

Very quick tier list on KR wiki:

Comprehensive data on KR index (recommended):


Clause (regular)

Clause - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: Physical

Features: P def boost (all allies), Atk Spd debuff, enemy Def debuff, CC, Atk boost (UW)

Key feature: P def boost, atk spd debuff

Niche: General PVE, bosses with physical attack

Auto: Friendly

Notes: General starter tank, ok-ish for magic teams, increases team survival in exchange for his amp not being as good as others


Phillop - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: Physical

Features: All Def boost (self), Atk Spd debuff, CC, enemy Def debuff

Key feature: Atk spd debuff, enemy def debuff

Niche: General PVE

Auto: Friendly

Notes: He can deal additional damage with a lot of HP. The more he gets hit, the stronger he gets (UW).


Demia - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: Physical

Features: CC, Atk debuff, P Def + P block boost (all allies, additional def with transcendence)

Key feature: P block boost (PvE), skill 1 pulling enemy backline forward (PvP)

Niche: PvP wall team

Auto: Not recommended

Notes: Key feature is 1st skill’s ability to draw furthest enemy in. Can substitute for some tanks if your team doesn’t have enough P block, ex. for Dark Legion


File:Ricardo swimsuit.png - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: Magic

Features: CC, M Def boost (all allies), dispel (chance), temporarily immortal + Atk boost for all allies (T5 dark)

Key feature: M def boost, CC

Niche: PvP (magic team counter)

Auto: Not recommended

Notes: Counter for magic PvP teams, very good CC. Takes damage instead of your backline so increases their survival.


Taily - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: All

Features: CC, block reduction, cleanse (self), dmg reduction (self), heal rate boost (self/all allies with Emblem), All def boost (self/all allies with Emblem), All dmg boost, block boost (self, when near death), Atk debuff (S4 light), temporary immortality (S2 light/T5 dark)

Key feature: block reduction

Niche: Shakmeh, Technomagic raid (Siegfried), Trial of Earth (with her immortality), anywhere you need block reduction

Auto: not recommended if you want to maximize her abilities

Notes: Must-have late game tank, period.


Glenwys - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: All

Features: CC, Phy damage boost, cleanse, Atk/Def boost, Atk speed debuff (S1 dark), Atk/Crit dmg boost for all allies, heal (SW)

Key features: Def boost, Atk boost

Niche: PVE, Eclipse

Auto: OK

Notes: Usually seen in Eclipse. Idk why I don’t see people use her very much.


4 star costume

Def type: Magic

Features: P dmg boost, M def boost, CC, Atk boost (SW), P block reduction (UT1), Shield + cleanse & CC immunity, Atk debuff, M block boost (all allies, T5 dark)

Key features: M def/block boost, shield

Niche: PVE, WB2, PvP

Auto: Not recommended (PvP) Ok-ish (PvE)

Notes: NPC at Orvel Castle. Versatile physical tank. Prioritize getting Loman (& Gladi) for NPCs since Loman gives discount on world boss artifacts. For PvP, build with mana recovery or use the teardrop artifact so he can cast his shield at the beginning of the game.



Morrah - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: Magic

Features: Heal rate reduction, M Def + M block boost (all allies), M def debuff (transcendence)

Key feature: Heal rate reduction (can go up to 100%)

Niche: Bosses, esp. WB3 (Xanadus) and Galgoria

Auto: Ok

Notes: Most notable for her flame stacks, which can deal a lot of damage and reduce heal rate. Needs a while to stack. Stacks faster with more block. T5 dark recommended. Also increases team survival.


Jane King's Raid TH updated their cover... - Jane King's Raid TH | Facebook

Def type: –

Features: 1 extra life, M dmg boost, self recovery, CC

Key feature: M dmg boost

Niche: General PVE

Auto: Friendly

Notes: Good self-reliant starter tank, better dmg boost for entire team, usable in WB3, very general and newbie friendly.

If you want to use her in PVP, use kamikaze Jane where you get her RIP dark and send her in without armor so she dies first. This is not recommended unless you have a second tank or you’re confident your DPS can take out the other team in 3 seconds.

There’s also a DPS Jane build, which relies solely on her 3rd skill where she sucks more blood the more damage she deals. I’ve tried this and it’s not recommended unless your Jane is highly invested (she easily gets 1-hit KO).


Aselica - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: Physical

Features: Atk boost (1 ally), cooldown reduction (1 ally, 2 with transcendence), heal (all allies excluding self), CC, blind, Atk reduction, M def debuff, Atk spd boost (self, S1 light), cleanse (1 ally, S2 dark), P def boost (T5 dark, 1 ally)

Key feature: Skill 2 support for your DPS

Niche: PVE, especially bosses

Auto: Ok-ish

Notes: Very good in WB1. Can do a lot of things and can greatly increase your DPS’s ability to deal damage.


Neraxis - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: All

Features: CC, Atk Spd reduction, Atk/P def/M def boost (all allies), Atk debuff, M Def debuff, damage reduction (T5 dark, all allies excluding self), Atk spd boost (self)

Key feature: Def boost for all allies

Niche: General PVE

Auto: Ok

Notes: Nicknamed Magic Clause for his def boost. Some Atk spd recommended because he’s a show-off and his skill animations are a bit long. Otherwise just go all def. Recommended tank if your team dies easily, doesn’t buff really your damage. S2 is very useful.


Sonia - King's Raid Wiki

Def type: All

Features: Atk/P def/M def boost (self), M def debuff, CC, M dmg boost

Key feature: CC stun

Niche: PvP wall deck, also usable in regular stage PvE and Knight labyrinth

Auto: Ok-ish (?)

Notes: DPS-style tank, self-reliant but not as much as Jane. Can be used in P teams although it’s not recommended. Key feature is her stun. Build with all HP.


4 star costume

Def type: All (more on P def)

Features: Atk/Def boost, P block boost, silence (SW), shield (SW), CC resist boost (all allies), stop mana recovery, M block reduction (S1 dark), heal rate boost/reduction (UT1), CC

Key feature: Def boost, CC resist boost, CC

Niche: PvP (physical team counter)

Auto: Not recommended

Notes: NPC at Tower of Challenge. Suitable for speed burst magic teams, counters physical teams.

King’s Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi Ep. 1 Hype : Clause is underrated

The boob-sword is back in the new anime edition of the hot mobile game King’s Raid. (Seriously, the developer team re-designed this sword so that the players won’t call it the boob-sword anymore! Why is it this again?!)

On a more serious note, I’ve been blogging this game for a while (and been playing the game since 2016) so I’m glad to go back to anime blogging for King’s Raid: Successor of the Will.

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