My Anime/Manga of 2019

It’s been an eventful year. My health hasn’t been the best for the past 3 or 4 months, but hopefully 2020 will be a great year. So now, here goes my list of 2019!

(And yeah, because I had a very bad flu and some sinus problems, I’m only releasing it now. My list is also really short this year because I’ve been studying like crazy….)

I’ve decided to add a new section this year, hopefully it’s better. Without further ado, let’s start off with…

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Hoshinari Echoes (星エコ)Guide – Characters’ Favorite Gift/Food List

Translated from here.

Foods are used to greatly increase resonance level (how much they love you, I guess) and improve each character’s condition. Here are each character’s favorite foods. Foods they love will be in bold.

Food names will be in English XD Feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes in translation, my Japanese is still weak and English ain’t my first language.

ติดตั้งผ่าน] Hoshinari Echoes - QooApp คลังเกม
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List of Gold Saints in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Meiou Shinwa (from Gaiden’s Encyclopedia of Saints)

SSLC Gaiden (Anecdotes) has an extra chapter called Character Data -The Encyclopedia of the Saints, and so I compiled the gold saints into a list mostly for my future reference.

โปสเตอร์ เซนต์เซย์ย่า Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas จ้าวนรกฮาเดส ...

(Side note: I couldn’t find the official English name for some characters, so I tried to guess the spelling. Correct me if I misspelled anyone’s name.)

1300s Gold Saints

Libra Itea

Aquarius Krjest

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[2020] 7 Things I like and don’t like about Tokyo 7th Sisters

I made a similar post on the old version of the game, and since I’ve returned to playing 7th Sisters, might as well make another one with the new, updated version.

In this post, I will list 7 things that I like and 7 things I don’t like about the game and the franchise in general.

7 Things I like

  1. The Depth of the story

“Seventh Sisters is not yours alone anymore.”

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King’s Raid Intermediate Heroes Guide – Which ones should I get next?

Got your starter teams all set? These heroes can add some spice to your growing arsenal. If not, check out my beginner’s hero guide to check out my list of hand-picked beginner friendly heroes.

This guide will be divided into contents and which heroes are good for what. This guide is based on my experience, so it will not cover every hero. This guide also includes NPC heroes.

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Some Memorable Games I've played in 2019

In this post I shall go over some games I played in 2019.

Sky: Children of the Light (iOS, Android)

Sky is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played, ever. It feels like the culmination of my childhood dreams.

The community this game built is just amazing. They have such loving, patient, and supportive players. Which is really important, given the emotional nature of the game. The interactions in-game and outside the game are very positive.

OXENFREE (iOS, Android, PC)

OXENFREE is a horror/adventure game about a group of teenagers whose party night had gone horribly wrong. Join Alex as she navigates an island with a questionable history while using her portable radio to open rifts.


Gris is a girl dealing with painful experiences in her life. As she travels through her faded world, she regains new strength to push forward.

I’d have appreciated GRIS a lot more if I didn’t get stuck on one map for an hour. I took a screen shot when I couldn’t jump past the second platform for some very odd reason, and it took me more than 30+ tries to make it when it took other people 1.

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