Primas: A Plot of Nightmare (HXL) – bonutzuu’s (obscure) manga archive

Primas: A Plot of Nightmare is a 2008 manga by Okazaki Tsuguo, and takes place in the HXL universe. Taking place in 1989, it follows the story of 10-year-old Hiroki, who unwittingly made a contract with Blue Flame Primas, a four-inch-tall fairy thingy with the capacity to destroy the entire universe.

This is an action/fantasy/sci-fi/comedy manga with old school art style, but what made it funny wasn’t the comedy aspect, it was that it was cringy in general lol.

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Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Utsutsu kowashi-hen: there is no chapter 4 – bonutzuu’s manga archive

Soooooo I read Utsutsu-kowashi a long time ago and I thought I’d wait until there were more chapters until I continue. Turns out, there are only 3 before it was discontinued for unknown reasons.

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A.D. Angel’s Doubt: Tenshi no Uso – bonutzuu’s manga archive

Force is the infamous fourth son of the Caluanthes family. He is the black sheep of the nobility: he dresses in over-the-top ‘bird of paradise’ clothes, stays only in shabby inns, turns every trip into his personal dining tour, and only has friends from lower-ranking noble families. Everyone mocks him behind his back, except Eiri Lawrence. Eiri is the total opposite: he is the perfect second son of the Lawrence family admired by everyone. A chance encounter brought him closer to Force and his entourages, and so the story of truth and deception within high society begins.

A.D. is a 2-volume manga by Aki that was discontinued after the second volume. (The author said in the cover jacket that it was gonna be after the first one, but there’s two.) It has beautiful and intricate art and an interesting set of characters.

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Yuureitou – bonutzuu’s manga archive

Two years ago, an old woman was tied to the hands of a clock tower, and her body broke when the clock struck twelve. The culprit, her adopted daughter, committed suicide afterwards. The clock tower became known as the ‘ghost tower’ haunted by something… or someone.

Amano Taichi was an unemployed man about to be chased out by his landlady. While on a job hunt to earn his rent, he ran into a mysterious person ‘Tetsuo’ who told him about a treasure hidden somewhere within the ghost tower. Taichi paid the tower a visit only to find himself knocked unconscious and tied to the face of the clock, similar to the old woman. Before he was brutally murdered, Tetsuo rescued him, and so together they tried to uncover the truth behind the murder two years ago.

Yuureitou is not a manga I’d normally read, but hey it was on sale (149 baht for 9 volumes, that’s about 0.50 USD per volume). The manga was printed with thick eye care paper and ink that doesn’t smudge, so it was a mighty good deal for a manga this good.

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Ludwig Kakumei – bonutzuu’s manga archive

Welcome to another entry to the manga archive where I write about manga I’ve read.

TBH if I hadn’t already bought the entire series, I would drop this manga after chapter 1. However, I’m glad I didn’t.

Ludwig Kakumei or Ludwig Revolution follows Crown Prince Ludwig as he journeys the land in search of a suitable bride. However, back at home, the king’s new wife plots to assassinate him and make her son the heir instead.

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Chrome Breaker volume 3: chapter 11-13 – bonutzuu’s manga archive

So a long while ago I wrote about volume 4. Now, I am able to get myself a copy of volume 3 and I’m very excited to fill in the gaps between chapter 10 and 14.

Just to recap what happened, Akira came to live at the Crimson headquarters and rumors were flying around that Chrome is head over heels for her. Meanwhile, Seishiro recalled that as a young boy, he swore to protect Akira, but currently his role is being replaced by Chrome.

Later that night, Akira and a kid were chased around by a dead priest controlled by eyepatch girl. Akira was at the last stage of her awakening as Maria’s Daughter, and the trigger for her final awakening would be intense fear. But luckily, Chrome was on his way.

Seishiro got so overwhelmed by watching Chrome’s battle, realizing that there is a gap between him and Chrome that no talent or hard work could ever close. Meanwhile, Akira was held captive by eyepatch girl and a mysterious man. She dreamt of her first meeting with young Chrome, who had one black wing and had blood all over him. That recall of a memory from eight years ago made her awaken as Maria.

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Shoujo one-shots: bonutzuu’s manga archive

Welcome to another entry in my manga archive, where I pretty much write about obscure manga bought from book rental stores that closed down. It’s going to be too many posts if I do these separately, so I’ll pool all the one-shots I’ve read over the past few days in this single post.

Mizu no Yakata

A boy who lost both his parents suddenly remembered that he had a brother who went missing six years ago. However, when he finally found his brother, he realized it wasn’t a simple missing persons case.

Mizu no Yakata is a supernatural horror one-shot spinoff of Kodomo no Omocha. My friend warned me that this author writes disturbing stories, and from this one shot, I have to agree. It’s disturbing and a little bit bloody. I read another story by the same author called ‘Partner’ and it’s disturbing and unsettling as hell, lot more than this one shot.

Mizu no Yakata is not that scary, but it’s surely not for those looking for something light to read.

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Full Moon wo Sagashite – bonutzuu’s manga archive

“Your time has stopped, while mine keeps moving on. Don’t try to help me, he must be so lonely in that darkness, all alone.” – Mizuki

This review contains minimum spoilers unless otherwise indicated.

So I got this from the same bookstore that I got Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. It’s really old print and has seen a fair number of reads in its time at the comic rental shop. I thought the ink would be all smudged and stuff, but luckily, it’s mostly readable.

I have severely underestimated how serious and melancholic this manga is. At first glance, it’s a manga about a girl suffering from cancer who has 1 year to live, so she decides to spend the last 12 months of her life pursuing her dream career: being a singer. However, things get… complicated.

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Tears to Tiara – bonutzuu’s manga archive

I like the tag line ‘War of the Path of Kings’ in the Thai version. I think it sums the theme up quite well.

Adapted from the (console version of the) game of the same name. Priestess Riannon was forced to become a sacrifice by some evil people in order to revive the demon King Arawn. However, Arawn saved her and through some turn of events, joined her and her brother Arthur in a battle against the Divine Empire.

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Le Chevalier D’Eon – bonutzuu’s manga archive

“I am Sphinx, the creature of riddles. The only fate awaiting those who cannot answer my question is death.” – Chevalier Sphinx

Welcome to another entry in my Manga Archive, where I log the obscure and the well-known manga I’ve read in print or as eBooks. Today I take a look at Le Chevalier D’Eon.

Apparently, the manga is an almost completely different story than the anime, which I’m not surprised because the anime looks more like an animated documentary which would be a huge stylistic clash with the manga’s story.

Le Chevalier d’Eon is a fantasy/action manga with some horror elements mixed in.

Mysterious killers called ‘poets’ haunt the city of Paris. They use real human blood to write out verses, which were magical words with tremendous power. Lia de Beaumont, D’Eon’s older sister and former French secret agent, fell victim to one of these poets. In order to exact her revenge, Lia’s vengeful spirit takes over D’Eon’s body at night, becoming Chevalier Sphinx, the Lady in Blue.

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